My Go To Gray Hair Coverage Routine

Last updated on September 7th, 2021 at 01:20 pm

This month has been all about sharing some of my most popular hair routines. Today I’m sharing my gray hair routine or rather my gray hair coverage routine.

gray hair routine

When it comes to having gray hair, some embrace it and others do not. I’m of the latter sort.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with having gray hair. In the Bible it’s referred to as a crown of splendor. (Proverbs 16:31).

The Location of My Gray Hairs Matters

However, the way my gray hairs are set up, they just don’t look all that becoming in my opinion. Or rather, should I say the grays that pop up in the front of my head.

I have a whole host of gray hairs in the back of my head and that’s just fine. I can’t see them anyway!

The grays that pop up in the front of my hair seem to have no rhyme or reason. In fact, they show up looking all disrespectful!

So, I choose to cover them and there’s only one way I do that.

Using Henna In My Gray Hair Routine

The one and only way I cover gray hair is with the herb, Henna.

Henna is non-toxic (unlike chemical colorants).

I’ve used Henna for many years as a means to strengthen my fine hair but I also use it as part of my gray hair routine every 3 months or so.

Unlike chemical colorants, Henna does not wash out. Once the hair is stained, it stays that way. At least, that’s been my experience.

Process for Gray Hair Coverage

henna in hair close up

To cover my gray hairs, I follow a very simple process:

  1. Mix my Henna with warm (not hot) water and allow it to sit for an hour before use.
  2. Work the Henna through out my hair, working in sections ensuring I have full coverage.
  3. Concentrate on putting a little extra Henna to the front of my hair where my gray’s can be stubborn.
  4. Put on a plastic cap and allow it to sit for a minimum of 2 hours – maximum 4 hours.

Some would say you have to let your Henna sit overnight for the dye to release. I’ve found that an hour is sufficient to start the process and then the dye releases into my hair once it’s applied.

You may also read or hear that you need to mix Henna with an acidic liquid like lemon juice or coffee. I’ve found that those liquids are too harsh for my scalp and warm water works just fine.

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The Henna You Use Matters for Your Gray Hair Routine

One important thing to note is that when using Henna to cover gray hair, you want to use a high quality body art grade Henna.

The quality of your Henna will ensure that it stains your grays thoroughly enough and that it’s easy to wash out of your hair.

If you use a low grade quality Henna, it may contain contaminants and the sift may not be fine enough. Therefore, you’ll have difficulty rinsing it from your hair.

Henna Suppliers

If you’re interested in using Henna as part of your gray hair coverage routine, there are a few suppliers that offer high quality Henna. These are:

Henna Sooq – Offering Henna’s to stain your hair Red, Black, Brown and Golden

Mehandi – Offers the Ancient Sunrise brand of Henna. They also have the kits to determine the color you want to dye your hair.

The Henna Guys – Offering a spectrum of red, oranges and browns to dye gray hairs

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  1. Donna Williams says:

    You spoke to me today, on every level. Thank you for sharing! I purchased a Henna product last year and will be trying it or one of your suggestions in a week or two. I’ve been twisting my natural hair since the Pandemic caused working from home. I’ve also been using Cantu shea butter moisture seal, but I’m looking forward to trying your suggestions.
    By the way, suggestions for the raveling twists concerns was also very helpful.

    1. Hi Donna,
      Glad you found this helpful!

      Yes this pandemic has caused radical changes to our lives. I hope it ends soon.

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