Styling Natural Hair With Less Product for Great Results

Last updated on November 16th, 2019 at 08:23 pm

Last week I did a video collaboration with DiscoveringNatural on YouTube. I had so much fun with this because normally when I style my hair, I use a ton of different products to achieve the desired results.

This time around I decided to give it a whirl by using very little product. I did an oil rinse followed by what I like to call an express wash ‘n go! I only used 1 product for that wash and go and no it wasn’t gel! Check it out:

And here’s DiscoveringNatural’s style video:


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Michelle Smith

Michelle is a Christian natural hair enthusiast. She's been natural for 20+ years and shares natural hair care tips and easy hairstyles for those with low density or thin fine natural hair. It's her joy to inspire you to live by faith in God while caring for your "crown."

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  1. nappy headed black girl

    I love that you didn’t have to use a ton of hair to achieve a great look. Did you use anything for shine? You’re hair is blinging! lol

    1. Michelle

      ha ha nope. Only what you saw. I did the oil rinse on dirty hair….well not dirty but not clean lol.

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