Sweet Honey Shampoo Bar: In Review

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Loving herbal hair products due to how nourishing they are for your hair, in this post I’m sharing a review of Henna Sooq’s Sweet Honey Shampoo Bar

sweet honey shampoo bar

Look at how rich this shampoo bar is in ingredients (listed below).

When I tell you it’s moisturizing, I’m understating. Yet, while there are PROs to this wonderful product, I’d be remiss in overlooking any potential cons.

So, keep reading!


Before getting into my review of Henna Sooq’s Sweet Honey Shampoo Bar, you know we have to look at those ingredients:

Saponified organic high oleic sunflower oil, castor oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic cassia obovata, pure honey, apricot kernel oil, lemongrass essential oil, and oil infused chamomile and horsetail

Nice and clean just like we want them. Now, let’s look briefly at the benefits of each ingredient for your hair.

Sunflower Oil

ingredient in sweet honey shampoo bar

Rich in in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, sunflower oil is very nourishing to dry hair and scalp. It’s also a very lightweight oil so, perfect for use in fine hair.

Castor Oil

Hailed for its ability to stimulate hair growth, castor oil also strengthens the roots and is an excellent sealant. Especially for those looking to moisturize and seal high porosity hair.

Castor oil is a very rich and thick oil. However, when combined with lighter weight oils, it can work well in fine hair as it’s highly absorbable.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

olive oil

A common but effective oil, olive oil is an excellent sealant. The Sweet Honey shampoo bar contains extra virgin olive oil, which makes it more pure. However, that doesn’t make it more effective than regular olive oil.

Nutritionally, extra virgin olive oil has more to it. Olive oil in general, is just very softening to the hair and it helps promote shine.

Cassia Obovata

cassia for hair
Image credit: SaraHenna (can be purchased at https://www.sarahenna.com

Cassia adds shine, manageability and natural conditioning to the hair. It strengthens the hair and with repeated use, it greatly improves damaged hair. See this article on Using Herbs to Create Hair Glosses, including Cassia.


Honey is a humectant which promotes retention of moisture retention by drawing water molecules from the surrounding environment and binding it to your hair. That’s the simplest explanation. For more, check out this article.

It’s also an emollient which helps to smooth hair and add shine.

Apricot Kernel Oil

thirsty roots apricot castor oil

Also an emollient, apricot oil makes the hair more pliable. I love Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil. It was a staple hair oil for a while. I wish it were available in stores.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

lemongrass essential oil

Aside from its light and pleasant smell, lemongrass essential oil has been known to help fight dandruff. It also has the properties of an astringent which tightens hair follicles, reducing shedding hair.


Image credit: Hobby Lobby

Shine is chamomile’s biggest benefit for hair. It’s also soothing to the scalp and combats inflammation.


sweet honey shampoo bar strengthener

Rich in silicone, horsetail is known from studies to improve hair’s strength and hair growth rate. It’s also believed that horsetail may increase collagen in the hair. Collagen is a building block for healthy hair.

How to Use The Sweet Honey Shampoo Bar

Just like all other shampoo bars, this bar from Henna Sooq is used in the same manner:

  • Working in sections:
    • Thoroughly wet hair
    • Rub the bar on the scalp until a light suds forms
    • Scrub scalp and
    • Allow the shampoo to run down the hair shift and…
    • Rinse


Moisture and Strength

While this Sweet Honey Shampoo Bar is moisturizing, it’s also strengthening.

The oils and honey will give your hair the balanced moisture it needs.

On the flip side, the Cassia Obovata and horsetail will strengthen your strands from roots to tip and provide an overall conditioning experience.

If you are looking for a shampoo bar that does not strip and dry your hair out, then this is it. If you are looking for an infusion of moisture, then this shampoo bar is it!

I’ve used a number of shampoo bars in the past. Usually, they all suds up very well but can feel a bit stripping to my hair. I don’t get that feeling at all with this shampoo bar.

Smooth Cuticles

The most impressive thing I’ve experienced after using this shampoo bar multiple times is smooth cuticles (the outer most layer of the hair shaft).

With each wash, my hair’s cuticles feels nice and smooth. A pic is worth a thousand words.

moisturized hair after honey shampoo bar


Remember how I said at the start of this post, I’d be remiss in overlooking potential cons? Well, I meant that.

I don’t think there’s a perfect product on earth. Every thing has advantages and disadvantages.

With that, what I’m about to share may not be considered a con or disadvantage to some. It’s just the nature of this product.

So, what I consider a con is the usability of shampoo bars. They can be a bit messy and difficult to deal with.

Because a shampoo bar is one big solid lump of a product, you have to cut it in order to not waste it.

If you try to use the shampoo bar to wash hair without cutting it in pieces, you will have to wet the entire bar to generate a suds. That can be very wasteful.

So, using a shampoo bar isn’t as easy as pouring shampoo out of a bottle. That’s the only con I can honestly provide for this product.


I use MANY of Henna Sooq’s shampoo bars and hair washes including:

  • Cassia and Neem Hair Wash
  • Henna Shampoo Bar
  • Zizyphus Hair Wash

Of their other herbal hair cleansers, I use:

  • 3 Cleansing Conditioning Co-washes (the Peppermint, the Rosemary, Tangerine and Clary Sage, and the Sweet Orange)

I just really enjoy the benefits of using herbs in my hair care regimen!

Henna Sooq handcrafts their shampoo bars with raw natural ingredients. The Sweet Honey Shampoo Bar retails for $7 and you can find it here amongst their other shampoo bars and hair cleansers.

smooth hair after honey shampoo bar

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