Top 10 Rules of Disciplined Hair Care

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Hair care is a bit science, a bit skill and a bit trial and error. Sometimes it’s easy to be all over the place with no real focus when it comes to maintaining our crowns. That’s why we need some “rules” to help us with building an organized hair care routine.

So, what I’d like to do is give you 10 “rules” for disciplined hair care. These are things you can implement over time and make into habits. I’ve discovered how effective these are over the years—some I’m still working on.

The goal is to help you to become more disciplined with your hair care routines which build up the totality of your hair regimen. Work on things gradually so that eventually you can just enjoy your God given hair – fine or not.

10- Spend 5-10 Minutes each day giving your hair what it needs

That could be giving your delicate strands an infusion of moisture or just making sure tangles and knots haven’t taking over (aka you likely need an infusion of moisture).

moisture into natural hair

9- Put your products away

If you’re anything like me you dig into multiple products at a time in order to tame your mane. Moisturizers, oils, gels and the like. If you’re in a hurry, you may leave these products lying around with shed hairs in them.

Take the time at the end of each day to clean the lids off of your hair products and remove any stray hairs that have found themselves into the products. Once done, put them back in their properly place. This will help you to quickly organize your hair care products so you can find what you need later.

This is not necessarily a hair care tip but it’s definitely a disciplinary tip which requires you to do to keep your hair products clean and orderly. When everything is in its place, you can easily find them making for a smoother morning or night time routine.

The most important thing to note is this doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy. You just need to make sure everything has a place and it’s in it’s place. You can pretty it up if you want later.

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8- Refresh or neaten up your hair every morning

This may seem like common sense but sometimes even if you tie your hair down (or up) before bed, there are certain hairs that just need refreshing. Taming fly always and frizzy areas can refresh a style nicely so you won’t need to wash your hair from scratch.

A little edge control can help neaten up a style when you want to look a bit more polished. A neat head of hair can make a huge impact on how you view yourself on a given day.

7- Attend to your hair every night

Take time to set your hair before bed. You could complete your moisture routine here or just take time to tie secure your hair so that it’s protected while you sleep.

Neglect this discipline and you’ll have tangles to look forward to when you wake up.


6- Have an Easy Go to Style

Let’s face it. Sometimes you don’t feel like spending a bunch of time doing your hair. As long as it’s cleaned and well conditioned, who cares if it’s the wash and go of the decade or frizz free and popping with juicy curls.

Having a go to style that’s quick and easy will help you to be more disciplined with maintaining your hair. For me that’s a nice neat bun or two cornrows. I can easily tie these hairstyles down at night and not have to do much else to maintain them for a couple days. Plus they are great when you’re looking to do protective styling or low manipulation styling.

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5- Keep your scalp clean at all times

Even if you’re not looking to grow long hair, you want to have a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp starts with it first being a clean scalp. This is a major thing to pay attention to for disciplined hair. It starts with your scalp.

If you massage your scalp with oil or use a lot of hair products on a regular basis, you will likely get build up on the scalp that needs to be cleansed away so that it can breathe.

4- Do less

Over the last couple of years, minimalism in virtually every aspect of life has definitely become a trend. And while I’m not one that is content with just 3 or 4 hair products at my disposal, I have definitely managed to substantially cut down on the number of hair products I use. I even do less in the form of hair styling.

I remember when I first went natural. I wanted to try nearly every hair tutorial I came across. I wanted to also try every hair product that promised a big reward. Fast forward to today and I know what my hair likes and I know what styles it looks best in.

This is critical for fine natural hair because If you do less stuff to your hair, that means less manipulation and more savings for your wallet too. You will be able to appreciate seeing your hair flourish in its own lane.

Now that’s one of the rules for disciplined hair that I can stand by. Who doesn’t want to save money while saving strands?!

3- Know When to DIY

DIY hair products and hair practices are increasingly more popular as people seek to take ownership of their own hair care. This is a great thing because nobody will care for your hair as careful as you. However, there’s a time to know when to seek the help of a professional. It doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence either.

For example, if you are not confident creating your own hair products or you are uncomfortable trimming your own hair, invest in good quality natural hair care products (they have good clean ingredients) or seek out a stylist whom you’ve vetted to help you out. Can I get an amen?

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2- Evolve and Change

A whole year is a significant span of time. Our lives change, our hair changes, and of course, the seasons change! (At least where I live in NY). You best believe your hair routine will change too! What makes sense for how to treat your hair  in the winter may not make sense in the summer. Heavy butters on a hot day anyone?

Bottom line, let your hair care routine evolve and change to match your hair’s needs as well as any unique circumstances that may arise. This will help you organize your hair care in a flexible way.

1-Attend to Hair Problems Immediately

While you don’t have to run and grab the scissors at the first sign of a split end, there are other hair issues that you most certainly need to attend to right away. The top of the charts is hair breakage.

Allowing your hair to break without giving attention to doing a protein treatment and deep conditioning right away can significantly affect your length retention.

On a smaller scale, if you notice your hair looking limp and lifeless weighed down by product, wash it and reset it. Attending to any hair problems that arise right away helps you to not only build discipline with your hair care. You can easily avoid bigger problems down the line.

That’s it for the top 10 rules for disciplined hair that will help you organize your hair care.

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