4 Ways to Know When Curly Hair Needs Trimming

Last updated on August 22nd, 2022 at 11:52 am

Trimming curly hair – Knowing when it’s time to trim your natural hair

trimming curly hair
Is it time to trim your curly hair?

Curly hair is fabulous for so many reasons. In all its versatility, it can look good even when your hair needs trimming.

That’s not to say you should just roll with a bunch of split ends! Surely, you’d regret that.

While you may not need to grab your sheers or run to the hair stylist at the first sign of a single split, you do want to keep a look out for the signs that your hair needs a trim. Beyond the obvious split ends, here are the signs to look for to determine when natural hair needs to be trimmed.

defined twist out on fine natural hair

Trimming Curly Hair – The Identifiers

Snarls easily

Yes mam. If you find that no matter how you handle and manage your curls, if the ends are snarling (aka getting all caught up on each other) it’s time to trim.

Takes longer to detangle

When detangling your hair (especially fine hair), it’s a good idea to use some sort of lubricant so that you can work through your strands with as minimal resistance as possible. Said lubricant can be an oil or a conditioner.

Yet, if you find that it’s taking longer to detangle your hair even with a lubricant for any number of reasons (could also be caused by snarling), it’s time to consider trimming your strands.

An increase in single strand knots or SSKs

Knots and tangles are the worst. They affect your length retention and they just wreak all sorts of havoc on your strands. This is a definite indicator for trimming curly hair.

When you get a single strand knot (also called SSKs), it very rarely happens that it’s just one hair that’s affected. If allowed to remain too long, that knot can turn into a split or even worst, snag up neighboring hairs.

The ends appear bushy

Not only are bushy ends not a good look, they are symptomatic of a greater issue: Tattered, weathered hair.

When you find that your ends look “bushy,” when styling, it’s time for a trim.

Another piece of food for thought….if you straighten out your curls and your ends look sparse or see through, it’s time to trim then too.

Trimming your hair is done for two reasons:

  • to neaten up its appearance
  • to improve the health of your strands

Use the “symptoms” and signs you need a trim above to accomplish either.

Split End Identifier Chart

split ends chart

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