Find and Use Your Staples – Good Hair Habit #1

Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 05:17 pm

Good hair habits are essential if you want to achieve your very best head of hair. One of the best habits you can develop is consistently using staple hair products.

staple hair products

It’s very easy to get sucked in to buying every hot hair product you hear about. After all, if it works for everyone else’s hair (and that’s debatable), surely it will work for yours right? Wrong wrong wrong.

I can recall a number of hair products that everybody seemed to love. I remember a time when I heard people swear by this particular styler, gel and twisting cream from a line that will remain anonymous. They talked about how the hair products from this product line were the holy grail of all natural hair products. Naturally, I went ahead and purchased them. What a waste of money.

After many many years with this fine natural hair of mine, I’ve come to realize that it’s every lady’s responsibility to do her own research into the products and ingredients being used on her hair. You have to do the work to find out if a product will be a good fit for your hair.

determining staple hair products

Benefits of Using Staple Hair Products

When you discover the cleansers, conditioners, oils, gels, treatments and stylers that are worthy of becoming staples in your hair product arsenal, you will find that styling you hair in a certain style is no longer hit or miss. You’ll be able to achieve consistent results.

On the other hand, you’ll rarely have certain challenges with your hair like those who have become product junkies. Product junkies often find it difficult to pin point what products are causing problems for their hair because they use just too many of them. This article from Saving Our Strands shares how being a product junkie ruins your hair.

Yet, using staple hair products doesn’t mean you can never try different products from time to time. It just means it’s much easier to achieve consistent results when you use the same products regularly.


Now that you know why having and using staple hair products is beneficial, how do you find your staples?

When you are trying to nail down the holy grail hair products that perform well over and over, you have to test products individually. Give them an opportunity to flourish or fail. That typically takes a few uses. Don’t focus on the timeframe you’re using the products. Focus more on the type of product you are testing and the number of times you use them.

[tweetthis]Typically, after 3-4 uses you’ll know if your hair likes a product.[/tweetthis]

Another important thing to take note of is most products often work well within the same line. That’s because the manufacturers make those products to work in conjunction with each other so that they keep your hair pH balanced.

For example, if you are going to try a Shea Moisture shampoo or conditioner, also try the deep conditioner and styler within the same line. They are formulated to work together. You still have to test each product individually but more often than not, if you hair likes the conditioner in a particular line, it may well like the styler.

Making it a habit of using your staple hair products is not only a good hair habit. It’s also calming and cost effective. You have discovered exactly what you hair likes and your bank account loves you for it. No more spending money on different products every week only to discover that you need to give them away or throw them away.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Good Hair Habit #2: Schedule a Weekly Wash Day

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