8 Things That Will Grow Your Hair…and they don’t cost a fortune

Last updated on August 2nd, 2020 at 08:43 pm

Hair grows. Most people’s problem is not hair growth but sometimes you want to help the process along. Big hair businesses know it too. That’s why you see ads for expensive chemical filled products popping up all over the market promoting rapid hair growth. I’m not speaking against those. To each his or her own. I just want to offer up alternative hair growth methods that are affordable for the masses.

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Hair Growth Methods Infographic

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Now, when I say grow your hair, let me be very clear because I don’t want semantics to get in the way.

Hair growth as in grow from the scalp NOT strengthen the hair shaft. That’s another post altogether and falls more under the topic of “Length Retention.”

There’s 8 hair growth methods that I know of to help with stimulating hair growth. I’ll be recording a video in the very near future that goes into depth on each of these methods but for now, here’s an overview:

1. The Scalp Massage

The most popular method for increasing your hair growth rate is also the cheapest. In fact, it’s free! The only thing doing a scalp massage will cost, is a little time – specifically 3-4 minutes a few nights a week. All that’s required is your fingers but if you want to make it all luxurious, get a scalp massager. Here’s an affordable one: Rolencos Hair Scalp Brush Shampoo Massager Tourmaline contained.

2. Natural Oils

Apply Hair natural oils to your scalp when massaging it and you’ll intensify the effect. Some natural hair growth oils I recommend include herbal hair oils like Fenugreek and Henna.

3. H2O

As simple as it may seem, drinking lots more water (1/2 your body weight in ounces), can increase your rate of hair growth. Your health, including the health of your hair starts from within. Your cells can only be hydrated with water.

4. Increase Cardio Activity

Exercise is beneficial for more than just your heart (although that’s the most important reason). An increase in cardiovascular activity will increase blood flow to your scalp, thereby stimulating hair growth. My favorite cardio exercises are spinning, boot camp classes and kickboxing.

5. Peppermint Infused Shampoo

Add peppermint or another stimulating essential oil (eucalyptus is another option) to your shampoo and you’ve got yourself an affordable method for stimulating growth in your scalp.

6. Drink Bamboo Tea

Bamboo leaf tea is an OG natural remedy for accelerating your hair’s growth rate. Bamboo tea is rich in silica which promotes collagen, a necessity for strong growing hair.

7. Specific Supplementation

Take supplements containing biotin, MSM (a type of sulfur) and silica. Just like how water feeds your hair from within, taking certain supplements that contain biotin, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and silica will do the same. This is especially true because most people’s bodies are lacking in these vital hair growing nutrients.

8. Inversion Method

Invert your head for 4 mins each night for 7 days straight while massaging your scalp and you will notice a quick boost of hair growth. It’s not something that can be done regularly or your body will get used to it and the method will no longer work. Some have reported up to an inch of hair growth in just one week. Using a natural hair oil like Jojoba can increase your chances.

Hair growth won’t happen over night but you can employ one or all of the hair growth methods shared to slightly accelerate the process. Since these hair growth methods range from free to very affordable they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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