Bible Study Printable to Discover God’s Will for Your Life

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There are different ways that you can study the Bible.The best way is to find a Bible study guide method that you will stick to and learn from. If you need some guidance in discovering God’s will for your life, the Bible study printable you’ll find in this blog post below will help you.

UPDATE: This Bible study printable is no longer free. It’s now available for purchase along with other resources here.

free worksheets for bible study

Printable Bible study worksheet

There are lots of free printable Bibles studies available online that you could download to conduct bible journaling the Word of God for your life.

However, I created these Bible study printables at the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit. They are meant to help you grow closer in your walk with God and getting to know His Son, Jesus Christ.

When I was conducting YouTube live prayer sessions on a monthly basis, these printable worksheets were born out of that time.

free bible study worksheet

Check out all the Christian resources on this page:

You’ll find:

  • Daily Christian planners
  • a Prayer & Bible study journal
  • Christian Life planners

Also, if you found yourself here looking for fine hair tips, here’s an article on the Biblical way to grow hair.

These great Christian resources along with the Bible study printable will compliment your Christian walk in a number of ways including:

  • enriching your bible study time and prayer life
  • tracking your favorite bible verse from God’s Word
  • keeping a prayer journal (including tracking your prayer requests)

What to Focus on When Studying Your Bible

studying God's Word with Focus

When it comes to studying your bible, we will never truly arrive at completion. That’s because the Lord is always revealing new things to us.

How many times have you read the same scripture and saw something completely new?

The scripture didn’t change but perhaps you now hear the voice behind the Word. Or the Holy Spirit is opening your eyes in a new way to that Word.

Yet, while you are conducting your Bible studies, know that you have a very real enemy who wants to do everything he can to stop you from feasting on the Word of the living God.

This is why you should keep these things in mind:

  • Take up the Armor of God
  • Study one topic at a time. You can choose a different topic to focus on each month. You can also find bible lessons to help guide you in your studies.
  • Develop a bible study routine

Taking Up the Armor of God

armor of God

While we do have a very real enemy, satan, the Lord does not leave us defenseless in this world. Before you begin your studies (and your prayer time), put on God’s full armor:

  • ​Having your loins girt about with truth
  • Wearing the breastplate of righteousness
  • Having your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace
  • Taking up the shield of faith (Here’s 5 of my favorite faith scriptures)
  • Having on the helmet of salvation
  • Using the sword of the spirit, the Word of God

The armor of God is detailed within the book of Ephesians 6:10-17

When you are clothed in God’s armor, you are equipped to stand against the enemy of your soul while you attend to God’s Word in your heart and mind.

​Choosing a Topic to Study

studying the Word of God

One thing that’s important to do when you are studying is to focus. Choosing one topic or one book of the Bible at a time to study will help you to focus.

You’ve probably heard that multitasking is fragmented thinking. The same can be said of studying the Word of God.

For example, if you start studying on the subject of healing but then you jump over to studying scriptures on finances you are multitasking the Word of God in a way.

It’s best to focus and gather all the scriptures on a given topic as possible. This will help you to milk the Word on that topic.

If you are studying a specific book of the Bible, you’re focusing on that one book and while it may lead you to other scriptures, you will still focus on the message of that book, the speaker, the location of the scenes in that book and any specific challenges taking place.

Developing a Bible Study Routine

developing a bible study routine

Studying the Bible is a life long endeavor. Developing a routine will help you to be consistent with it.

So, regardless of if you are picking up the Bible for the first time ever or just trying to connect more with God, studying the Bible regularly along with prayer will help you to grow in your faith.

Again, the enemy will try to bring opposition so you don’t study the Bible. You may find yourself getting sleepy or distracted or forgetful. One of the best ways to counteract these oppositions to studying the Word is to make it a routine. Then, make that routine a habit.

Pick a set time each day (or at least a few times a week) to study. Keep that appointment with God’s Word just like you would an appointment with someone else.

Make sure your study area is well lit. Have your study tools at the ready and let nothing interfere with your Bible time.

A Sample Bible Study Routine

At the same time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

– Choose a topic or book of the Bible to study for the month

– Pray for the guidance and teaching of the Holy Spirit

– Have pen, paper and your printable Bible study worksheets available for note taking

– Read the daily scripture or choose what verses to read and study each day

– Find supporting scriptures to read – a Bible concordance can help with this

– End with prayer and ask the Lord to imprint His Word upon your heart; ask Him to help you understand what you’ve read

This is just a sample routine for studying the Bible in more details. It’s not to replace your daily Word “bites.”

Reading a bit of the Bible each day isn’t the same thing as studying it.

Sojo Academy

If you want more guidance to help you with your Bible time that includes fun Bible lessons, creative Bible study, and so much more, a great place to go is Sojo Academy.

It’s a membership that provides monthly bible study & reading plans with creative elements, virtual coffee chats to discuss the Word, encouraging newsletters, group studying over zoom, a private Facebook group and connections to a community of Christian women.

The investment is $25 a month and I’ve found it to be worth much more than that in my first month. We focused on studying the book of Nehemiah for the entire month.

Each month is a different focus with a variety of Bible study methods. You receive digital files to print and download to begin your study. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • PDF of the study plan for the month
  • a reading plan with specific verses
  • a coloring sheet (ideas on making creative Bible study fun)
  • bonus library with free resources (recorded workshops, additional free printable Bible studies etc)

If you’re interested in Sojo, you can check it out here:

Additional Faith Based Resources from Others

In Touch Ministries Bible Reading Plan – (I’m currently reading the Bible in a year using this plan)

Free printable Bible study lessons (from Arabah Joy) – They also offer free journal pages for a variety of bible study note taking methods (for exampled: the SOAP Method).

Christian Coloring Pages

christian coloring

Coloring pictures that contain the Word of God, scripture reference or Biblical images is a great way to connect with the Lord in a manner that also reduces stress.

During my personal quiet time, I will sit and listen Christian music while completing a coloring page.

Check these out Christian adult coloring pages from Amethyst Owl Design on etsy: 

It doesn’t matter if you are a new Christian, a holy mess or a seasoned saint studying the old testament or new testament (you should actually study both). The Bible study printable shared above is meant to help you discover God’s will for your life so you can grow closer in your walk with Jesus Christ.

I hope you find the above resources and bible study worksheets instrumental in your spiritual growth.

Feel free to use these Bible printables for your personal use or to compliment your lesson plan for small groups at your church.

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