Check Your Diet for Healthy Hair – Good Hair Habit #10

Last updated on June 29th, 2020 at 06:21 pm

Today’s Hair Habit is the last in the series of Good Hair Habits. I pray these tips on how to keep hair healthy help you on your quest to seeing your best hair.

Read to the end to get all the Good Hair Habits in one nifty little place

healthy hair tips and nutrition

Caring for your hair by what you do on the outside is not nearly as beneficial as caring for it from the inside. So why is this listed as the last hair habit to develop?

Simple. It’s the hardest thing for most all people to put into practice and stick to.

If your life is anything like mine, you are constantly bombarded with unhealthy snacking or food choices. Sometimes you may make the healthy choice and sometimes not. Yet, if you want to have your best hair, you have to balance the scales more in favor of the healthy choice.

Eat for All of Your Organs

Eating healthy and drinking enough water is very important to develop your best hair. While your hair is technically dead, for it to remain healthy (kind of an oxymoron aint it?), you have to treat it as any other living part of your body.

The reason you need to think of your hair as you would your heart or your kidneys or your eyes is because it’s how you keep hair healthy. If you don’t eat and drink with your hair in mind, it will suffer the most. Your body is very smart, created by the smartest Being alive.

Your body knows that if it is lacking in nutrients, it will distribute what is available to the most important organs of your body (the ones that keep you alive: heart, brain, lungs etc).  Your least important body parts will suffer and do without. That includes your hair and nails. That’s no bueno if you want to see your best hair flowing off of your head!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is right up there with feeding your body the proper foods for health. Moisturizing your hair isn’t just done when you spritz some water on it. On the contrary, moisturized hair begins internally. Drink the recommended amount of water, which is one-half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

hydration for healthy hair

While incorporating healthy hair habits such as cleansing, deep conditioning and trimming all help you to have your best hair, giving your body the nutrition it needs by keeping it well fed and hydrated has a longer lasting impact.

That’s all folks. I want you to see your best hair and not in the sweet by and by (that’s an old school church folk saying for a period of time that’s far off and undetermined). The 10 Good Hair Habits I’ve shared with you will not only help you to see your best hair but they will help you to maintain it. They are the basics for how to keep hair healthy.

To get all the Good Hair Habits in e-Book form, Just click here for the full guide

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NOTE:  The 10 Good Hair Habits Guide is a free resource that includes written lessons intended to break down specific habits that lead to hair growth and length retention. With that in mind, this guide is not for everyone because not everyone is looking to achieve the same goals with their hair. The 10 Good Hair Habits Guide is the sole property of Michelle Smith and Fine Natural Hair and Faith.  You may not distribute or copy it without the express written permission of Michelle Smith. For re-distribution information and permission, please email


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  1. Water is very important. And the food that you eat can affect your hair growth too. I take biotin, iron, and B12, only because I don’t sleep much and I am anemic. These supplements have helped me a lot since I don’t get much sleep. Great post as usual.

    1. Hi Nerline-

      I started taking slow dissolve B12 and it makes a world of difference in my energy levels. I don’t take biotin but I use a weekly hair mask that contains it. Now, if I can make healthier choices with food!

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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