Review Your Regimen Twice a Year – Good Hair Habit #9

Last updated on June 29th, 2020 at 06:21 pm

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I live in the New York City area where we experience life in all 4 seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. When you live in a climate like New York’s, it’s a good habit to re-evaluate your hair regimen when the temperatures change between extreme hot and extreme cold.

How you spend your time and your amount of physical activity will determine how much time you spend in the great outdoors. If you haven’t noticed by now, your hair tends to require a different kind of maintenance or care in the summer time than it does in the winter time.

Summer Hair Care

When it’s hot out, you tend to spend more time outdoors. Your hair has increased exposure to the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays. If you swim, you will also expose your hair to chlorine or salt water.

summer hair regimen change

During the hot summer months, you’ll want to incorporate hair products that protect your hair (especially your crown) from UV damage. You will also need to wash your hair more often if you sweat or engage in other activities that will require additional hair washing. That may include increasing the amount of time you co-wash to protect your hair’s moisture levels.

Winter Hair Care

In the winter, your hair is exposed to cold, harsh winds. If you engage in winter sports like skiing, you spend even more time outdoors.

winter hair regimen change

During the harsh winter months, you may also find that you need to deep condition your hair more often. Practicing moisture retention methods like the baggy method and greenhouse effect are also common when it’s cold outside.

What to Evaluate in Your Hair Regimen

With the varying changes in temperature throughout the year, to evaluate your hair regimen means to take a look at the following:

  • types of hair products you’re using (ex: sealing with lightweight oils vs. sealing with whipped butters)
  • styling choices (you may protective style more often in the winter)
  • your technique (ex: how you impart moisture to your hair: steaming vs. spritzing)

Finding out what your hair needs throughout the year is what you’ll discover when you re-evaluate your hair regimen twice a year. Your best hair is achieved when you give it what it needs when it needs it.

Stay tuned for the final Good Hair Habit #10 – Care for Your Hair From Within



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