5 Signs Your Hair Regimen Needs a Change

Last updated on January 17th, 2024 at 07:15 pm

Using the same hair products and following the same hair care techniques for long periods of time is not the most effective means of haircare. Sometimes you need to switch things up. Below you’ll find a list of five signs that will clue you in to if your hair care regimen needs a change.

hair regimen needs a change

I. Your Every Day Hairstyles Now Suck

One of the classic clues that you need to change your hair regimen is when you go to style your regular every day hairstyle, it just doesn’t come out right.

You use the same hair products and technique to style your hair that you always do. You even clarified your hair for good measure. Still, the hairstyle is not coming out the way it normally does.

This is a clear indication that your hair regimen needs a change.

II. You Want to Start DIYing or Switching to More Natural Products

More of a decision that’s made than an actual clue, if you decide you want to start DIYing your hair products or if you want to just switch to more natural hair products, you’ll need to make a hair regimen change.

Your hair regimen change will now include making your hair products or adding herbs to other products. Then, you’ll need to determine how often you’ll use them. You may even want to go full on with an herbal wash day routine.

III. Your Hair is More Porous

Porosity is the single most important thing to taken into consideration when it comes to caring for your hair. It determines how you get a critical step in your hair routine completed: MOISTURIZING.

If you have always had normal or low porosity hair and you recently did a chemical treatment like a relaxer, your hair will be more porous. Therefore, you’ll need to switch up your hair regimen to account for your change in porosity.

IV. Your Hair’s Length Has Drastically Changed

If your hair is now much longer or if you recently got a haircut making it much shorter, that’s a sign your hair regimen needs a change.

You just can’t do your hair the same way you used to when the length is drastically different. For example, long hair requires much more time and patience than shorter hair.

V. Your Favorite Hair Products Are No Longer Working

Very similar to your favorite hairstyles not working out, if you notice your tried and true hair products are no longer working, it may be time for a hair growth regimen change.

This change could include changing the products for a period of time or changing how you use them. You may even need to switch up how you pair your favorite hair products with other products.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons that could help you identify if your hair regimen needs a change. Identifying if any of these play a role in why your hair is just not looking it’s best is an important step to achieving your best hair.

When all else fails with your hair care regimen, ask God for guidance. Although, if you ask Him first, you may get the answers you need much faster 🙂

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