3 Things I Do To My Hair Every Wash Day

Wash days are the most important days of any hair care regimen. That’s because what you do on your wash day is what sets your hair up for success throughout the week.

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What Makes for Complete Wash Days

A complete wash day consists of doing various hair practices that if done consistently, become practices. While I do follow a series of steps on my wash days, there are times when I may be short on time. On those days I may cut some things out but there are three things that I do every single wash day regardless of time.


The first thing I do on all wash days is pre-poo or pre-shampoo. The pre-poo sets my hair up for success!

Doing a pre-poo can provide your hair with many benefits but the most important one is protection from hygral fatigue – damage caused from the cuticle expanding and contracting during the wash cycle.

I usually do an herbal pre-poo so it provides my hair with some serious conditioning before I even move on to washing it.

These are the reasons I don’t skip the pre-wash step. It allows me to sometimes skip deep conditioning which is why deep conditioning isn’t among the 3 must do tasks on wash day.

Scalp Massage

Massaging your scalp helps increase blood flow to that area. It invigorates your scalp providing your hair with a healthy “ground” for growing.

I always massage my scalp on wash day. Massage is done while I’m washing my hair as well as when I’m about to style it.

When I’m massaging while styling, I use a herbal hair oil. My current go to is S-Secrets Growth Oil.


When wrapping up my wash days, no hair spa day is complete without sealing my strands.

Using an oil, butter or combination of the two (in the winter time), I seal my hair from roots to tips. This allows my hair to remain moisturized a bit longer.

I use a light weight oil most of the time but on my ends, I use the heaving Jamaican Black Castor Oil coupled with a gel.

The oil and gel combo help my ends to stay “fused’ together, thereby preventing split ends. I talk about it in this video:

YouTube video

These 3 practices of pre-pooing, massaging my scalp and sealing my hair are the things I never skip on wash days. Even when I’m short on time, I make time for this because they help keep my hair in a consistently healthy state.

Are there any practices you do on your wash days that you never skip?

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