My Go To Hair Growth Routine

Last updated on June 18th, 2024 at 11:19 pm

If you’re looking to grow your hair, you’ll definitely need to follow a routine to get you there. Your hair goals will determine what you do in your routine. I’m looking to grow as much hair as possible… and faster. Naturally my hair grows a little slower than average. Therefore I’ll need to be strategic to stimulate additional growth. Below you’ll find my go to hair growth routine.

hair growth routine

Before I share my hair growth routine, let’s look at the steps you can take to formulate your own solid hair growth plan. These techniques are especially useful for those looking to grow longer hair.

Let’s get started!

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How To Develop Your Own Routine

Developing a routine that helps you to grow your hair takes some planning and even a little trial and error.

It’s taken me a few years to nail down the routine that’s most effective for my hair. Below are some of the steps to go through to develop your own hair growth routine.

  1. Define your goals – what are you looking to achieve? do you have a target date?
  2. Figure out the products AND ingredients in products your hair loves – this takes a bit of trial and error. Keeping a hair journal or tracking sheets in your planner will help you to weed out the winners…and the losers.
  3. Look for the top 1-2 ways to stimulate your scalp
  4. Focus on low manipulation practices when handling your hair
  5. Choose 1-3 hairstyles you can rotate. These should be styles that do not put stress on your roots or ends.

My Go To Hair Growth Routine

As I work on growing my hair to a longer length in a healthier state, my routine is pretty simple:

  • Use herbs in my hair and scalp:
    • Growth stimulators
    • Strengthening herbs
    • Moisture promoting herbs
    • Balanced herbs
  • I use a combination of herbs at different points in my hair regimen:
  • Stimulate my scalp 3 times a week through manual manipulation:
    • Scalp massages with oil
    • Massaging my scalp with hair tea infused with herbs
hair growth routine tips

I used to make my own hair growth oil mixture but I’ve discovered S-Secrets Growth Oil and I love it. Read my full review here.

I use S-Secrets growth oil to massage my scalp and to infuse my hair tea with. My DIY hair tea is based upon a recipe shared by the founder of S-Secrets. When I initially found it, I followed the recipe exactly. Then, I made a little change to it for my hair.

This is what I’m doing to grow my fine natural hair. I hope you discover the plan that works best for you. God created us all uniquely but we can certainly glean information from others.

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