How to Use a A Journal to Track Your Hair’s Progress

There are a number of types of journals available for you to use to track virtually any area of your life. The purpose of a journal is to collect thoughts, ideas and feelings. Below you’ll find tips on how to create a hair journal that’s suited to your personality.

journal your hair care

Choosing a Journal

Before you get started with tracking your hair care in a hair journal, you want to choose the journal that’s best suited for you.

Types of Journals

Of the types of journals available, there are 3 main types you can choose from:

The Basic Journal
This is simply a notebook without much structure – just lines on a page. This is good for people who want to create a hair journal from scratch. They like to “design” their own journal. This is also good for people who are more minimalist.

Bullet Journal
A journal that’s designed for organizing various aspects of your life. You do have to create your own table of contents and sections to be able to find what you’re tracking. It’s a very good choice for creative types.
Printable Journals
You can usually find these online in places like Etsy. Here’s a printable hair journal with pages for tracking every aspect of your hair care: Caring for Your Crown Printable Hair Care Journal

Digital Journals
These usually come in the form of apps or you can track your hair care in a desktop program like Excel or Microsoft Word. This type is best for those who like to digitize their entire lives and don’t care for paper.

What to Track in Your Hair Journal

Regardless to which style you choose to create your hair journal, here’s what you want to keep track of in the journal:

  • Hair Stats (curl type, porosity etc)
  • Your planned out wash day (your routines and regimen – See Routines to Incorporate Into Your Hair Regimen)
  • Hair Goals (what you want to achieve with your hair)
  • Hair Products (an inventory list of what you own)
  • Length checks (measurements – monthly intervals is good to see progress)
  • DIY Hair Recipes (clay washes, deep conditioners, cleansers etc)
  • Resources (where you buy your herbs, oils and other raw ingredients)
  • Tools (the items you use for styling. For ex: clips, brushes, Curlformers)

To create a hair journal for tracking every aspect of your hair care is a fun but also useful exercise. It can help you to be more aware with how your hair responds to certain products and practices. Give it a shot if you find that you are having challenges with any aspect of your hair care.

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