HAIR MAINTENANCE: Ways to Maintain Natural Hair

Last updated on September 2nd, 2022 at 08:14 pm

Summer is just about here and we are focusing on a new hair topic: How to maintain Natural Hair for Beginners (especially, fine natural hair)

how to maintain natural hair june tips

One temptation that plagues many of us during the warmer months is letting our hair go.

Like who has time to do hair when it’s hot out? Who wants to bother with the hours it takes to wash, condition and define their natural hair when all you want to do is get out and enjoy the summer activities.

In spite of the fun summer brings, we must must must take care of our hair!

We spent all winter protecting and preserving our fine strands and now that it’s warm out, we can’t stop doing so.

Transitioning from Winter to Summer Hair Maintenance

While winter can wreak havoc on our strands due to the bitter cold winds, summer can also cause problems due to the drying, hot sun and chemical exposure when participating in activities like swimming.

Throughout this month, we will focus on maintaining our natural hair by focusing on how to do the following:

Maintain Ends
Impart & Preserve Moisture
Keep Edges Healthy
Attend to Your Crown
– How to Increase Shine
Keeping Your Strands Strong

6 Ways to Maintain Natural Hair for Beginniners

Maintaining Your Ends

maintaining natural hair with trimming

The ends of your hair need to be healthy to preserve your length as well as the overall health of your hair.

Impart & Preserve Moisture

moisture 101 for natural hair

Just like maintaining your ends is necessary to preserve the length and health of your hair, ensuring that you properly moisturize and retain that moisture is just as important.

Keep Edges Healthy

laid edges

Pulling your hair too tight and putting too much friction on them will snatch you bald.

Snatched edges are not cute.

There’s more to keeping your edges healthy than just not putting stress on them. We’ll discuss more of that in a future post.

Attend to Your Crown

ways to maintain natural hair in the crown

The crown section of hair tends to be most people’s trouble spot. There are some things you can do to maintain that area of your hair so that it is protected and thrives.

How to Increase Your Shine

ayurvedic hair regimen

Even if you have naturally dark hair, shine may not come through. It’s even more difficult to get your hair to shine when it’s a natural dusty looking color like light brown.

We will be discussing some ways to maintain your natural hair to increase its shine level.

Keep Your Strands Strong

maintaining strong natural hair

Strong hair defies breakage. Using herbs in your hair care can greatly strengthen your strands. My go to source for herbs is Henna Sooq.

Fine natural hair is prone to breakage so keeping your strands strong is imperative. We will wrap up the series on how to maintain natural hair with this topic.

To help you tie it altogether, check out this article on How to Organize Your Hair Care. This is the cherry on top of maintaining your natural hair for beginners.

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