How to Disinfect Hair Tools Non-Toxically

There’s no argument that it’s important to clean and disinfect your hair tools (and accessories) on a regular basis. However you want to disinfect hair tools non-toxically. It’s better for your health and the environment.

Disinfecting hair tools non-toxically

The hair tools and accessories you will want to clean and disinfect include:

Cleaning Your Hair Tools First

Some hair tools, you can immerse in water and scrub clean. Other hair styling tools, you can only wipe off.

Cleaning is important and it’s the first step. Disinfecting is the second step. Disinfecting is especially important in the day that we are living in (currently, we are in a pandemic).

Some people choose to use things like bleach, alcohol or other chemical laced products to disinfect with. While these get the job done, they are toxic and not good to inhale or come in contact with. Especially, on a regular basis.

Force of Nature

Nontoxic disinfectant

Let me introduce you to the Force of Nature. This is a revolutionary, low maintenance and non-toxic way of cleaning and disinfecting. It is the perfect agent to help you clean AND disinfect hair tools in a non-toxic way.

I’ve been using the Force of Nature to disinfect my home for nearly a year as of the writing of this post. It’s not only non-toxic, it’s more cost effective than the toxic products on the market.

Most importantly, Force of Nature is an approved disinfectant registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

How Force of Nature Works

How it works is a bit science-y but here’s a bit of a summary.

The Force of Nature appliance uses electricity to change the chemical composition of salt, water and vinegar into a powerful multi-purpose cleaner & deodorizer. The result is electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water has no harmful ingredients. It only uses 2 ingredients:

Hypochlorous acid – this is the ingredient that’s as effective as bleach (but more gentle). It’s the same substance your immune system produces, and is the common active ingredient in wound, eye and veterinary care products..

Sodium hydroxide – Only 0.0000003%, this is a detergent & grease-cutter without any suds. Toxic products on the market contain about 5%.

Learn more about Force of Nature here:

How to Use Force of Nature to Non-Toxically Disinfect Hair Tools

Now that you know how wonderful Force of Nature is, let’s look at how you can use it to disinfect your hair tools.

All that’s required is to first clean your hair tools with an all purpose product. Coincidentally, Force of Nature can be used to do this as well.

Wipe your hair tools down by spraying Force of Nature (or another all purpose cleaner) until you remove any residue. Then, dry.

After your hair tools are clean, now it’s time to disinfect. Very similar to cleaning, you will spray your hair tools with the solution. Only this time, you will spray them until saturated.

Allow your hair tools to sit with Force of Nature on them for at least 5 minutes. Then wipe dry.

That’s all you need to clean and disinfect hair tools non-toxically.

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