Banana Clip: Styling Tips & Tricks

Last updated on August 13th, 2020 at 04:17 pm

The banana clip is a long time favorite hair accessory of mine. I’ve been using it to style my hair since I was in High School (3 years ago 🙂 ). The banana clip can create multiple hairstyles if you’ve got skillz but if you don’t, below you’ll find some banana clip styling tips….

Check out one of my banana clip styles here.

banana clip styling tips

We are smack in the middle of April and I have a confession to make.

When I kicked off blogging for 2014, I totally had a plan. I was going to focus on 1 topic or type of post delivery per month. April was supposed to be a month of How To’s. Well, I clearly have not stuck with the plan!

See. What had happened was….

While I had a few “How to” posts in draft form. I wasn’t feeling all of them. I also got a bit distracted with sharing changes to my hair regimen, the #NYCFlawlessFace Event and a couple of product reviews.

Now, I’m preparing to go to the Atlanta Hair Show/Expo in a couple of weeks. My mind is all over the place!

I did however want to share a few quick “How To’s” where styling your hair is concerned. That’s what prompted this here post.

Easy Peasy Tips for Using a Banana Clip

Even the simplest of styles can look elegant when using a banana clip. The key is to make sure you can’t see that dern clip! Here are some quick banana clip styling tips:

  • For a messy but put together look, pin your hair over the banana clip in a non-coordinated fashion so that the clip is hidden but some of your ends are left loose:
messy bun
  • Try pin curls or large twists pinned over the banana clip in a pin curl like fashion (and don’t forget to decorate):
banana clip hairstyle
  • When using a banana clip to create a ponytail, leave sections of your hair out at the top and bottom of the banana clip. This will elongate your hair. Score!
banana clip hairstyles

Banana clip styling is easy peasy but guess what I have been eyeballing lately? The Puff Cuff!

My hair is a bit long right now. Since I don’t get tons of shrinkage to create a puff, I would be using this to create a high ponytail or voluminous bun (stay tuned for future posts).

The makers of the Puff Cuff are supposed to be at the Atlanta Hair Expo so, yes I will be picking up 2 of these.

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