Sparkly Christmas Hair Accessories for Holiday Partying

Last updated on October 27th, 2023 at 12:18 pm

While Jesus is the reason for us celebrating Christmas in the first place, it’s still good to look your best for all the holiday parties you may be doing. Below you’ll find a collection of sparkly women’s hair accessories for Christmas. You can easily incorporate these holiday and Christmas hair accessories into your holiday hair aesthetic.

hair accessories for the holidays

These have been carefully curate. They are pretty and/or sparkly, great for holiday parties and your special occasion church services.

These hair accessories are also age appropriate for ladies of all ages. You can click on the image or “available here” link to buy them or find out more details.

Red and Green Christmas Hair Accessories

Cute and casual turban headbands in red and green available here.

These decorative bobby pins are subtle Christmas accessories with a bow on them you can wear to a holiday party. They come in red, green but also silver, available here:

If you’re looking for something a little more classy, how about these emerald green and rhinestone hairpins with a gold finish, available here:

Fancy just a pop of red? These gorgeous snap hair clips with red rhinestones can dress up any hairstyle. They hold very securely to fine hair as well and are available here.

Blue Hair Accessories

Blue is such a pretty color to wear during the Christmas season. It pairs very well with silver and white. Blue hair accessories are also a great option for those who don’t want to be stuck in the traditional red/green color theme.

Check out these mini jaw clips adorned in blue and silver rhinestones, available here:

This lovely sparkly blue headband will be the talk of evening. It’s so pretty! Available here.

These gorgeous blue sparkly hair clips can be worn by women and children alike. It’s all in how you wear it. The beautiful snowflake detail makes it a very unique piece. Available here.

Gold Holiday Hair Accessories

During the holidays (especially Christmas parties), you want your hairstyles to “bling.” Well, gold is the color to get the job done. Check out these beautiful gold Christmas hair accessories.

These gold snowflake hair accessories are great for decorating your buns, ponytails and other pullback hairstyles. Available here.

Want something shiny but a little less bling? These hollow gold (and silver variation) hair barrettes are right up that alley. Available here.

This set of assorted gold clips can adorn just about any style. They are so classic and pretty! Available here.

These gold and snowflake rhinestone clips are perfect for any holiday party. The more you use, the more bling you get. The less you use, the more subtle (great for watch night services). Available here.

Silver Christmas Hair Accessories

Moving into the silver category, hair accessories in the color/metal silver are classic. Here are a few that will work for any holiday event.

Beautiful 4 piece set of silver snowflakes perfect for Christmas or other winter holiday celebrations. Available here.

If you like sparkly claw hair clips, this exquisite hair clip with hollow stars from top to bottom is just beautiful and almost reminds me of the Star of David. Available here.

Keeping in theme with stars (and sparkly hair jewelry!), these big sparkly hair clips aren’t just for weddings. It will elevate any natural or curly hairstyle. Available here. It’s also available in gold.

Last but not least, who wouldn’t want to rock this gorgeous silver Merry Christmas headband hair accessory at a holiday party?! I’m just sayin’. Initially I wasn’t going to share it because it seemed a little cliche but I realize that there are indeed people who like this kind of stuff so….Available here.

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Finally, Check out these other special occasion hair accessories from Eternally in Amber that you can easily weave (no unintended LOL) into your hair styles for the holidays as well.

You’ll find velvet bow barrettes, embellished pearl & small sparkly hair clips and more that can easily fall into the category of Christmas hair accessories!

sparkly hair accessories

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