HennaSooq Henna Gloss: In Review

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Today is the day I’d normally be sharing my wash day chronicle but as I mentioned in last week’s wash day chronicle, I’ll be switching up my regimen to washing every two weeks for a while to see if there’s a difference in how my fine natural hair responds to less manipulation. BUT…

In true Michelle fashion, I had to have just one more wash day before switching to every two weeks! I was super thrilled to have received my Henna Gloss Bars from Henna Sooq. I had to use one right away! My greys were beginning to peak through so I decided to give this henna gloss bar a try in spite of the fact that when doing a henna gloss, it’s more for the conditioning/strengthening benefits than it is for color coverage.

Henna Gloss Bar package

I was perusing Henna Sooq’s site looking to purchase more henna since I needed to re-up my stash. Henna is instrumental in strengthening my fine natural hair. (Check out this video on how I use henna on my fine hair). That’s when I discovered the henna gloss bar. Well, apparently I’ve been living under a rock because Curly Nikki shared it via Confessions of a Blox Vixen (original post here)!

I purchased two henna gloss bars and immediately refrigerated upon receiving them. Since the bars were shipped with a cold pack, I figured it would be a good idea to do so as the temps are pretty hot here in New York. Plus, whenever I do a full strength henna, if there’s any left over I freeze the leftovers.

Here’s what the bar looks fresh out of the package:

henna sooq henna gloss bar

Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic henna, organic hibiscus, organic marshmallow root, organic lemon juice

I mixed in about 3 tablespoons of coconut milk to the mixture.

melted henna gloss bar

The quickie process:

  1. Shampoo’d hair once, rinsed and applied the melted down and mixed shampoo bar
  2. Put on plastic cap, followed by unheated Hot Head for an hour
  3. Removed the Hot Head and allowed henna gloss treatment to sit on my hair for another hour
  4. Rinsed hair using TRESemme Naturals conditioner.
  5. Roller set for stretching.

fine natural hair after henna gloss

My thoughts

The longer the gloss sat in my hair, the more superb (in my humble opinion), the curls became.

Rinsing was easy breezy. NO grit. NO grit at all. Smooth and very easily rinsed. My hair was pretty soft but similar in feel to a full strength henna. Some people experience their hair feeling a bit hard after a henna application but that’s never been my experience.  I also don’t mix my henna with an acidic solution. I use water because the acids usually irritate my scalp. That’s another reason I’m so impressed by the henna gloss bar. My scalp was not irritated in the least. Clearly, since I was able to sit for 2 hours without an itch or burn!

Now, about those greys…I got a slight amount of coverage but not on all of my grey hair was covered. That was a little disappointing but I kind of knew it since the bar is also crafted with butters which dilute the effectiveness of the lawsone (this is what’s responsible for henna staining the hair).

As I mentioned earlier, a henna gloss bar is really just for conditioning and strengthening the hair. For that, I can say my fine natural hair is pleased.

To say that I am in love with Henna Sooq’s Henna Gloss Bar is an understatement. I usually push off my henna sessions due to the time it takes for me to mix, wait for the dye to release, apply and rinse. Henna Sooq’s Henna Gloss Bar has shaved down my time dramatically but even better, I LOVE the way my hair feels and smells – just like chocolate!

henna gloss in fine natural hair

My curls were slightly loosened (not much) which made my hair a bit more manageable for the roller set. The plan didn’t actually include wearing my hair in curls so that’s why I’m not showing a style. I only wanted to stretch my hair so that I could wear it in buns and elongated twist styles throughout the next two weeks.

roller set hair

I get my henna from a few places and Henna Sooq is one of them. Their Henna Gloss Bar is definitely a staple for my lazy henna days. I wish I could buy them in bulk due to the added shipping cost but I don’t want them to sit too long, even in the fridge. Plus, the bar sells for $12 so I’d max out at 3 before feeling like I’m spending a small fortune! You can get it here.

fine natural hair blogger

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