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Fine natural hair is so fragile. So, when I want to be a bit more versatile (going beyond a plain wash and go with a part on the side), I look for natural hair inspirations. Then, there are A LOT of photos to weed out before determining if my hair would look good in a style.

inspiration for natural hair

Admittedly, I don’t do a lot of styles on my fine natural hair…unless they are some form of bun hairstyles.

It’s for good reason too.

Doing too much to fine strands is a recipe for breaking hair. Yet, nobody wants to stick with the same old boring hairstyles.

How to Find Natural Hair Styling Inspirations

Some things that capture my attention when looking at hairstyles are:

  • Simplicity (does it have too many braids or twists?)
  • Hair length (is my hair long enough or about the same length to look good in the style?)
  • Skill set (am I capable of doing the style even if it does look easy?)
  • Is the style age appropriate? (I’m in my 50s and I’m not trying to like 20)

These are just some things I look at. While I do like to try some styles that give a little freshness to my hair, I do keep in mind that I must still stick with less is more.

Searching YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram

Obviously, YouTube is a major source of hairstyling inspirations but I also look at Pinterest and Instagram. I’ll search hashtags and keywords like:

  • wash and go styles on medium length hair
  • medium length natural hairstyles
  • deva cut hairstyles
  • twists on medium length natural hair
  • protective styles on fine hair

There’s so many ways to search for hairstyling inspiration. Sometimes it takes more time than I’d like but it’s worth the time investment when you are looking to kick your appearance up a notch.

Naturalistas That Inspire

Over the past year or so, I’ve discovered a few naturalistas that either have a similar texture or similar length as mine. These naturals share hairstyles that I love trying from time to time:


Her hair is extremely long now but she tracked her hair journey on Instagram with lots of photos and I like to look at her hair when it was first cut and growing in at about the same length as mine was before my DevaCut like here:


LaKesha is by far, my favorite source for natural inspiration in the moment!

Check out her Instagram page for photos of her hair today.

Will On A Whim

While it’s a bit odd for me to see a guy so into his hair, I do confess that his hair routine, products and styles are inspiring. Will likes to use mostly natural hair products and his hair is very on point. Our texture is somewhat similar (more evident when I rock a twist out like in this old video here). Plus, he makes really entertaining hair videos.

natural hair inspiration

Check out Will’s Youtube Channel here

Jewellianna Palencia (Jewe Jewe Bee)

A young girl (but not as young as most people think), I love her hair. Mahogany Curls on YouTube was my biggest inspiration til now (still love her though). While I will never have the volume that Jewellianna has, she inspires me with her simple hairstyles and laid edges. She has the best laid edges in the game.

She also shares great techniques for frizz free hairstyles that simply embrace natural curls.

natural hair inspirations

Check out Jewe Jewe Bee’s video sharing 5 Simple Styles for Curly Hair

Finally Amber (Hair Mary)

It took me a while to figure out that these two were one in the same. Amber used to blog over on Blogspot at Hair Mary but she’s not updated it in about a year. She seems to be most dedicated on YouTube and likes to refer to her subscribers as “cousins.” Admittedly, she rubs me the wrong way in some of her videos but she does know what she’s talking about logistically and her content is helpful.

Amber and I, likely have the most similar hair….both fine with not a ton of density. The difference is she has more length than I do for various reasons. I get inspiration from her based on her common sense approach to hair care and her really simple but cute natural hairstyles.

fine natural hair inspiration

Check out Amber’s video sharing 5 Easy Curly Hairstyles for a Failed Twist Out that are Fine Hair Friendly

Where do you find your natural hair inspirations?

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