An Effective Detangling Routine

Last updated on January 7th, 2024 at 10:54 am

detangling routine for fine hair

Finger detangling is the best detangling routine for fine hair. It’s ideal for fine hair naturals. It’s also not ideal if you have fine hair but tons of it. Ah, the density factor. Finger detangling can then become very time consuming.

While, I do not have what would constitute maximum levels of density (would be nice though), I do have a moderate amount (medium density) and want to reap the maximum benefits of detangling. That’s why I revised my detangling routine.

While solely finger detangle is the gentlest method for your hair, it doesn’t guarantee that you are removing ALL shed hair. That is, unless you don’t have tons of strands. It’s also less likely for finger detangling to be ineffective if you have a fairly loose curl pattern. I’m talking loose curls as in almost waves.

That kind of omits us really kinky chicks!

Since the goal of detangling is to remove tangled up hairs that have been released from shedding OR hairs that simply want to love on each other, it’s best to make sure the process is complete and thorough. Now, to share my new slightly revised routine.

Detangling Routine Step by Step:

1- Spritz hair with water (makes separating easier).

2- Section hair into 5 sections, with the fifth section being at the crown.

3- Working section by section, apply my pre-poo and clip the section back up.

4- Once done with all 5 sections, allow hair to “marinate” until it’s time to wash.

5- Working on one section at a time, wash (shampoo or co-wash…alternating weekly), rinse and clip back up.

6- After my entire head is clean, I take down one section at a time and apply my deep conditioner or protein treatment. (On dates I use protein, I follow it with a deep conditioning)

7- After 30 minutes to 1 hour of deep conditioning, I hope back in the shower and working in sections, rinse out 80% of the deep conditioner.

8- Apply my rinsing conditioner and commence to finger detangle the section. By this time, tangles are typically minimized since I systematically smooth my hair at two previous occasions: during the Pre-Poo and the Deep Conditioning application.

9- After finger detangling a section that’s been soaked in my rinsing conditioner, I chase that finger detangled section with my large seamless comb to remove any remaining shed hairs. I then clip up the section and proceed to the next until all of my hair is detangled.

Detangling Take Aways:

The way I detangle hasn’t changed that much. Finger detangling and using a seamless wide tooth comb is the best detangling routine I’ve found to date. What’s changed most about my detangling regimen is when I do it. We’ll come back to that but here are some points to highlight:

  • Seamless combs are pricey but they are so much better for your hair as they greatly prevent your hair from snagging on a seam. You still have to be careful working with fine hair but I’ve found that I get no breakage when using my seamless comb.
  • It’s best to make sure that you remove all shed hair to prevent premature tangling during the week.

Now about when I detangle. I used to finger detangle when applying my pre-poo. Then, I’d detangle some more in the shower.  That was counter-productive so while I smooth my pre-poo into my hair, I leave the detangling for my final step before styling.

When it comes to detangling fine hair, the slip factor is the numero uno priority. Without slip, the conditioner is useless. That’s because while you’re detangling, you want it to be done with ease. No snagging. No tugging.  That goes for if you are using your fingers, a wide tooth comb or both.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner

The conditioner you use for rinsing/detangling shouldn’t be all that pricey. That’s because you’ll be using LOTS of it and don’t want to go broke. I now only use one brand of rinsing conditioner (the last one on the list) but there are others I recommend that have great slip:

– TRESemme Botanique
– Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner
– Suave (Naturals and Moisturizing Almond & Shea Butter)
– Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (contains silicones but these can be removed by clarifying your hair monthly)

Take your rinsing conditioners even further by diluting them with up to 50% water. This will give you more bang for your buck and can even increase the slip factor.

A Prayer for Our Hair:

 In Jesus Name, Lord you are Sovereign God. Thank you for the wisdom to care for our hair in the best way each step of the way. Amen.

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  1. nsae_nsae says:

    Since my last week’s finger detangling session took me 2 HOURS, I had the time not to only contemplate about life but also to count the number of tiles in my bathroom😂😭
    Here’s the thing ..if it’s calledd “De”-Tangling then when does the Tangles happen in the firts place?? If I am keeping my hair stretched in twists during the whole week with minimal manipulation then when does this MAGICAL PHENOMENON happen?
    I came up with this theory that my up and down hand motion while applying shampoo AND the force of the water stream when rinsing the deep condtioner may tangle my strands.
    Soooo instead of pretending I’m in Hawaii under a waterfall shooting a commercial .. I will actually hold my strands with one hand and smooth with the other!! ☺

    until I put this theory under the test I will keep counting tiles…
    I’ll let u know the results =)

    I aslo wanna say your post is very detailed and helpful ♡thanks for your tips♡

    Tataaah 💖💕💞💓♥

    1. LOL!!!!!!! I literally fell out “Magical Phenomenon” “Pretending I’m in Hawaii” LOL yes girl the struggle is real!
      I hold my hair while shampooing too and it still tangles but get this. Most of my tangling is at the roots! The occasional end hairs may tangle but that’s usually when needing a trim.

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