Top 10 Amazon Hair Care Essentials

There are so many great hair products, tools and accessories on the market. One can be totally overwhelmed with the choices. It’s fun to try new products but it’s also necessary to have certain hair tools at your disposal. Below you’ll find the top ten Amazon hair care essentials that every lady should have at the ready to foster a healthy hair regimen.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the Amazon hair care essentials, simply click on the images and you’ll be taken to the product info page.

Generic Detangler Brush

This detangling brush contains 8 rows of separate ultra-soft nylon bristles that glide through tangles and knots with ease. Start detangling your hair with your fingers first. Then, move on to using this generic detangler brush.

Your wash day will be that much easier. By the way, here’s a free wash day checklist.

Continuous Spray Water Bottle

This water bottle is the gold standard for spritzing your hair. It can spray short bursts of water or a continuous mist that lasts a few seconds, allowing for larger areas of hair to be covered quickly.

You definitely want to have this handy when styling or detangling your hair. Whenever you handle your hair, especially fine hair, misting it with a little water will help it to be more pliable.

Elastic Hook Hair Ties

These bungee cord style hair ties are great for curly hair. No tugging or pulling. All you do is wrap them around your hair to create a loose or messy ponytail.

I’ve found that they are also great at holding back twists:

twisted ponytail

Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

It goes without saying that you need to sleep on a pillowcase that doesn’t dry your hair out. You can get satin and silk pillowcases from many places but Amazon does offer you the most affordable prices in a variety of colors.

Satin is actually nothing more than polyester. Silk is a better choice and this particular silk pillowcase is made from Mulberry silk, a natural material that is softer and more durable.

Titanium Hair Scissors

With sharp blades and an adjustable tension screw system, these hair scissors are perfect for trimming your hair at home.

In between salon visits, you can trust these hair sheers to cleanly snip away splits and knots.

Alligator Hair Clamps

Regardless of if you are sectioning your hair to wash or detangle between wash days, these hair clamps are one of the best Amazon hair essentials available.

It’s available in a variety of colors. They won’t tug at your hair but they will hold your hair in place when sectioning.

Electric Scalp Massage Brush

Scalp massages are not only invigorating, they are a good practice for stimulating hair growth. Sure, you can use your fingers but this electric scalp massage brush is so much more effective and less tiresome to the fingers.

Heating Cap

This is a gem. Especially as it relates to price. My husband purchased mine from a brand that was advertising on Instagram. They saw him coming – charged nearly $40 for it. Amazon has the exact same conditioning hair bonnet for only $15 and it comes with an additional shower cap.

Functionally, it’s great for deep conditioning. You do have to plug it in to work but the cord is a decent length. I use it when I want to just sit and read while deep conditioning.

Cordless Deep Conditioning Caps

If you prefer a more portable deep conditioning cap, this one is a great option. It’s a microwavable gel cap. It’s currently only $16.99, nearly half the cost of other brands on the market.

Sometimes you just need to deep condition on the go. That, or you just may want to move around in the house while getting it done.

This deep conditioning cap is great for either. I especially like how you can pop it on and go run errands. Nobody would know you’re deep conditioning up under there.

DIY Salon Kit

While this kit of hair supplies may appear to be for salons, it’s not. If you’re a DIYer and like to DIY hair masks like henna or other treatments, this offers all you need.

The mixing cups, gloves, sectioning clips, cape are all necessities for DIY hair treatments. And, of course if you dye your own hair, you need everything here. All of this is currently only $14.49 – a steal.

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