The Puff Cuff: 4 Ways to Style Thick Coily Hair

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 05:56 pm

puff cuff hair clamp review

Have you ever wanted just one tool that would allow you to secure your curls in a sassy or even a protective way?

Tried the banana clip but your thick coily hair keeps eating it? Me too! (actually, my hair likes the banana clip. Only it’s easy to put it in too tight which causes pulling at the root but I digress)

I came across the new Puff Cuff Hair Clamp which was created for naturally curly and thick, coily ethnic hair. I got it at the Taliah Waajid Spring Hair Show in Atlanta a few weeks ago.

One of the challenges for thick coily hair is finding hair accessories to hold our hair in place. The PuffCuff is a genius invention. No matter how thick your hair, I believe this hair clamp can secure it. The best part is the Puff Cuff hair clamp is never too tight. It also creates the illusion of fuller natural hair. The Puff Cuff leaves space for your hair and scalp to just breathe.

Using the Puff Cuff since I got it, I really love how I can enjoy more lazy hair days without people actually knowing it. I’ve discovered that I don’t even have to comb my hair to use the Puff Cuff. You can also make protective styles with it. Check out the video below where I share 4 ways to style your natural hair with the Puff Cuff:

YouTube video
I’m sure there are numerous natural hairstyles that can be created with this nifty little hair accessory. Your curls will love it!

To purchase the PuffCuff Hair Clamp visit,

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  1. Look at you getting all fancy with that last style lol

    I saw this tool onFacebook, and although it says it’s dread friendly, I’m skeptical. Now tht you’ve used it, what do you think? Could it work with dreads? I’d like to try something different than my plain ol’ ponytail holder.

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