The #1 Best Hair Dryer for Black Natural Hair

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If you are looking to become a stretched hair natural or just want to blow your hair out from time to time, you definitely want to find the best hair dryer for black natural hair. That dryer is the Reverse Air Hair Dryer – The RevAir.

best hair dryer for black natural hair

Introduction to Hair Dryer Technology

Below you’ll discover the reasons why I think the RevAir is the best hair dryer for use on natural hair, coily hair and fragile hair.

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with all the hair dryers on the market. There are so many features and heat settings.

Do you need a hair dryer that requires a concentrator nozzle or diffuser attachment? Ceramic technology? Ionic technology?

What do those even mean?!!

While the best hair dryer for black natural hair (in my humble opinion) is very different from what you normally see in stores, I still want to provide you with some information on what the various technologies entail.

This way you can make an educated decision when purchasing a dryer that will give you the best results for your hair.

Let’s look at them.

Ionic Technology

Hair dryers with ionic technology are designed to work well for thick hair, dry hair and frizzy hair. Sounds a lot like black hair if you ask me!

These ionic blow dryers produce negative ions which help seal the cuticle of the hair strand while greatly reducing frizz.

Consequently, hair dryers with this type of technology can also cause hair to appear very limp which is not something you want with if you have fine and thin hair.

Ionic technology in hair dryers cause the water molecules in your hair to break apart so your hair dries faster while simultaneously sealing the cuticle.

sealed hair cuticle

What are ions?

Without being too scientific with the definition, ions are molecules that have a charge that’s either in a negative or positive way.

Hair can be more positively charged if you use a lot of chemicals or heat style often.

Negative ions produced by ionic hair dryers are what determine how quickly your hair dries.

Benefits of ionic hair dryers

The benefits of ionic hair dryers include:

  • Lower temperature is used versus the higher temperatures of standard blow dryers
  • Moisture retention
  • After a blow dry session, Softer hair is the result
  • The ion technology causes this type of handheld dryer to be lighter in weight

Cons of ionic hair dryers

While using a hair dryer with ionic technology has many great pros, these are also some cons to be aware of. However, these are subjective to the user:

  • Can be expensive (your budget, income and values determine this)
  • Fine hair can appear too flat after a blow session (how you like your hair will determine this)

Tourmaline Technology

Hair dryers with Tourmaline technology are supposed to make heat much more gentle on the hair, enabling it to endure high levels of heat. That’s debatable.

Tourmaline is a special semi-precious mineral that’s usually applied to the output area of the dryer. When heated, it’s supposed to give off infrared heat and produce negative ions.

Infrared heat is simply radiated heat. It’s said to be safe. Do with that what you will with that information. Especially if you plan on long term use.

Benefits of Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Very similar to ionic hair dryers, those with tourmaline coating:

  • Help to greatly reduce frizz
  • Are more gentle on the hair
  • Help hair to appear more shiny
  • Yield smoother looking hair
  • Seal moisture into the hair (another debatable claim depending on the hair texture of the person using this type of hair dryer)

Cons of Tourmaline Hair Dryers

  • There’s some debate as to the effectiveness of this mineral in producing negative ions
  • They are more expensive than hair driers without this technology
  • Most dryers only have a coating of tourmaline versus the actual technology. It’s hard to know the quality of tourmaline dryer you are buying if there isn’t clear labeling on the packaging.

Ceramic Technology

Ceramic is composed of a clay and it’s used to coat the interior of ceramic hair dryers.

Hair dryers made with ceramic technology are similar to Tourmaline dryers but ceramic dryers have far-infrared technology. They provide a little more protection for delicate tresses. The far-infrared heat causes the dryer to heat up faster and produces the type of heat that’s supposed to be non-damaging.

Ceramic dryers don’t really produce ions unless it’s combined with other technologies.

Benefits of Ceramic Hair Dryers

When you use a ceramic hair dryer, you’ll notice that your hair dries evenly across the surface of hair. With the even distribution of heat, it’s less likely that your hair will incur damage. The even distribution of heat greatly helps to prevent the damage that can occur when a dryer is blowing uneven amounts of heat across the surface of your hair.

This type of dryer works well for those with fine hair or hair that’s fragile because it’s undergone a lot of chemical processing like bleaching.

Cons of Ceramic Hair Dryers

  • Many dryers that claim to be ceramic don’t have much more than a cheap ceramic coating. Hence, it’s best to avoid the cheaper priced units which are likely lacking in the quality of ceramic contained within.
  • Doesn’t control frizz as well as ionic hair dryers.

You can find dryers that are created and marketed to be Ceramic Tourmaline. Also, you can find hair dryers that are Ionic Tourmaline. You can even find hair dryers that have all 3 technologies:




If the price is really low, what are you likely getting is a hair dryer that’s just lightly coated with these materials. This actually makes them very cheap.

Ever buy a flat iron that’s said to be ceramic tourmaline and then it peels? That’s why.

Now, a hair dryer may not peel but I think you understand what I mean when considering quality.

Ionic, Ceramic, Tourmaline Comparison Chart

hair dryer comparison chart

The Absolute BEST Hair Dryer for Black Natural Hair is….

The RevAir.

best hair dryer for black natural hair

As mentioned at the very start of the article, I consider the RevAir to be the best hair dryer for black hair – for natural hair and for fragile hair.

I’ve owned and used hair dryers with all of the technology explained above. I’ve even owned and used flat irons with all of the technologies listed above as well..

Therefore, as a fine haired natural who has had experiences with each of these blow dryer technologies, I feel qualified to share my opinions on which blow dryer is best for our type of hair.

I’ve been using the RevAir (Reverse Air Hair Dryer) for over 2 years. I feel more than qualified to tout it’s praises and not just because I get a commission for sharing it to those who end up buying it.

Yes, I will get a commission BUT, the reason I even signed up for their affiliated program is I saw how wonderful this dryer was to natural hair, especially for those looking to grow long hair.

It’s truly one of the best hair tools I’ve ever owned and it’s one of a very short list of must haves for fine natural hair that I recommend.

For Best Results

One of the problems or rather, challenges with natural hair is it’s prone to breakage due to all of the coils in this hair type. So, the best way to see results is to keep your hair stretched.

Keeping black natural hair stretched does a number of things:

  • Greatly reduces tangling because it dries and stretches hair working in the same direction as the hair cuticle lays
  • Cuts back and even eliminates single strand knots
  • Helps it to be more manageable
  • Dries hair three times faster than traditional methods
  • You can use it on extensions, braids, twists, locs, wigs and weaves
stretched natural black hair

Why RevAir?

This dryer blows all other dryers out of the water for so many reasons:

  1. It doesn’t require high heat to get the job done. In fact it uses low heat and prevents hair damage from the hot air.
  2. It uses the most gentle and revolutionary technology: Heated Suction
  3. If you don’t use a heat protectant, your hair will more than likely be just fine because RevAir does not blow off excessive heat like standard dryers.
  4. It does not require use of a comb or other attachment

Features of the RevAir

The RevAir has a revolutionary form of technology that does not include ionic, ceramic or tourmaline technology. Yet, it still yields stellar results without these technologies and without damaging natural hair.

Aside for the benefits of the RevAir blow dryer, here is a highlight of the features

  • Has 3 Heat settings (1 is the cold shot button)
  • Level 1’s heat is between 140-158 degrees Fahrenheit/60-70 degrees Celsius
  • Level 2’s heat is between 176-220 degrees Fahrenheit/80-105 degrees Celsius
  • RevAir’s heat level is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit/60 degrees Celsius LESS compared to standard blow dryers
  • Uses a high speed fan
  • Offers 7 Tension settings
  • Vacuum technology with a powerful airflow that gently draws moisture out of the hair using a suction feature and a very small amount of heat
  • Utilizes a removable filter

RevAir is the gentle facilitator of quickly blow dried, smooth and tangle free hair. The features make it the best option for natural hair.

Cons of the RevAir

Yet, to be fair, just like there are pros and cons with dryers that have ceramic, tourmaline and ion technology, RevAir has its pros and cons as well.

I can attest to all of the pros mentioned above and some of the cons but the entire list of cons was compiled from feedback generated within the natural hair community.

  • Large and a bit bulky
  • Louder than other hair dryers
  • Can’t use a lot of product in the hair without damaging the unit
  • High price point

In spite of what some have considered cons of the unit, the feedback is largely based on the original unit. RevAir has since taken into account feedback from customers and made some changes to their 2.0 device.

Improvements to the new RevAir (dubbed RevAir 2.0) include:

  • smaller, more ergonomic design
  • the size of the base was reduced by about 3 inches
  • the suction hose is shorter and thinner in circumference
  • overall lighter weight
  • improved noise level – quieter than the original dryer
  • dries the hair a smidge faster
  • made of a different material so you can now use oils in your hair prior to revving
  • the dial used to choose the tension level was changed to a small digital screen
  • the wand that connects to the suction hose is now detachable

All of the improvements come with a unique design that makes it appear more sleek and in the class of other professional blow dryers.

Purchase Guarantee

RevAir offers a great 2 year warranty on the device. I’ve had mine for about two years and noticed a crack on the unit. The company quickly replaced it.

They also make it so that the price does not deter people from buying the device. There are no interest-payment plans available.

You can also try it at home for 30 days and if you don’t love it, they will take it back and refund your money. No questions asked. This is how confident the company is that you will love the RevAir.

To purchase the best dryer for black natural hair visit My RevAir here

My Step by Step Process for Blow Drying with RevAir

RevAir Routine

When I dry my hair with the RevAir, I follow the same process (every two weeks):

  1. Section hair into four quadrants after towel drying
  2. Apply a little leave conditioner throughout*
  3. Rev hair in 2 inch sections, working in one quadrant at a time
  4. After all hair is blown out, apply Ominira Naturals Hair Strengthening oil section by section
  5. Twist or braid newly stretched hair

*On rare occasions, I”ll apply the leave in conditioner throughout my hair and braid it up in 2-4 large braids. Then, I’ll blow out my hair by the following day.

I still have the older model and I don’t plan to upgrade in spite of all the shiny, new features.

When you invest in something that is working for you, there’s no need to upgrade it unless the upgrade will significantly improve your life.

As for me, original RevAir works just fine. If it ever conks out or if I happen to be gifted the newer model, that’s when I’ll upgrade.

Watch Me Rev My Fine Natural Hair

In this video I’m demonstrating how to use the Reverse Air Dryer. I use RevAir every 2 weeks on my fine hair and it’s what’s helped me retain length by keeping my hair stretched and tangle free (starts at 5:23):

YouTube video

How to Choose a Hair Dryer For Purchase

If you’re still not convinced that RevAir is the best blow dryer for black natural hair and want to do a little more investigating, let me help you out.

When looking for the best blow dryer for curly hair or natural hair, you want to look for one that has these features and benefits:

  • Very low risk of heat damage (that eliminates most dryers on the market)
  • Quick drying time and an even faster drying process
  • Has multiple speed settings and temperature settings
  • Works well on thick hair AND fine hair
  • Has a cool shot button
  • Does not cause frizzy hair
  • Has enough watts of power to dry your hair without frying it
  • Preps your hair WELL before you move on to using a flat iron (optional if you don’t use flat irons)
  • Last, has a great warranty policy and period

Here’s How NOT to Choose a Blow Dryer

While there are definitely some requirements for choosing the best blow dryer for natural hair, there are a few factors to take into consideration. These are the things that you don’t want to make a requirement when looking for the right blow dryer for your hair.

These can actually derail you from buying the right hair dryer:

  • Choosing a unit based on what a celebrity hairstylist promotes. Most of these celebrity hairstylist are paid to promote a specific dryer. It doesn’t mean those hair dryers don’t have great features but chances are their reviews aren’t well tested with black hair
  • Purchasing a dryer based on the brand name – Brands are mostly made famous because they have deep wallets and can advertise to the masses over a long time period
  • Buying a blow dryer based solely on a YouTube review – Yes, there are great reviews on YouTube but if you choose to buy a product based exclusively on what you saw your favorite YouTuber promote, you’re likely making a grave mistake.

Like celebrity hairstylists, many popular YouTubers are promoting products because they are gifted them. Unless you truly know the integrity of the reviewer, it’s best to do a bit more research and test the hair dryer for yourself.

I’ve been using the RevAir on my fine natural hair for nearly 3 years and have managed to retain more length when blow drying because of it. That’s why I included it as one of the premier gifts in this gift guide for those with curly hair.

blow dryer for natural hair

Frequently Asked Questions About Drying Black Natural Hair

1. What is the best way to dry African American Hair?

The texture of African American hair ranges from being very tightly coiled to loose waves. There’s a misconception that black hair is all kinky and coily but that’s far from the truth.

There’s a huge range in the curl pattern of black people. So, when drying it, it’s very important to take that into consideration.

If you have a looser curl, you can dry your hair without the use of a hair dryer without having to worry about it shrinking up and knotting once dry. Those with a tighter curl pattern fair better using a warm dryer to stretch the hair while drying it.

To reduce breakage, it’s typically best to dry African American hair without use of brushes and combs. Again, if the curl pattern is very loose, combs and brushes are less of a problem.

2. How can I dry my African hair naturally?

To dry African hair naturally, it can be towel dried and then stretched to allow it to air dry. Air drying is the most natural form of drying you can do. However, you don’t want it to dry while it’s soaking wet. Hence, towel drying first. Then, stretch and air dry.

To stretch the hair while drying, you can use satin strips to “band” the length of the hair. When working with damp hair, you don’t want to add stress to the strands by using elastic bands. Pieces of satin are smooth and don’t add stress to the hair while it’s drying.Yet, the hair stays stretched.

3. Is it good to use a hair dryer for natural hair?

It’s perfectly fine to use a dryer for natural hair. It’s beneficial to keep natural hair stretched so that it doesn’t coil up on itself, tangle and knot.

Using a warm (not hot) dryer on natural hair will stretch it quickly. If you use the RevAir, you won’t need to worry about heat damage either.

This is my process as well as the process of a lot of other long haired naturals.

4. Which hair dryer is the best?

This is definitely a loaded question for me to answer because I’ve already shared what I think is the best hair dryer. I know there are other professional hair dryers on the market like the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.

So, to offer you an impartial answer I’ll say this..

The best hair dryer for black natural hair is the one that meets the criteria for choosing a hair dryer that I mentioned above. Your top picks should be based on the dryer’s dry time, and if the dryer can dry your hair without the use of too much heat.

If you plan to purchase a new hair dryer, take into consider those things along with your hair texture. Do you have coarse hair / kinky hair or fine hair?

Do you have more of a wavy hair type? Perhaps you prefer to wear straight hair most of the time. All of this needs to be taken into consideration alongside comparing the pros, cons and cost of the dryer you plan to buy for home use.

best hair dryer for natural hair

For more details on the best hair dryer for black natural hair, visit myRevair.

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