Dig Deep Every Week – Good Hair Habit #3

Last updated on June 29th, 2020 at 06:24 pm

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Our second good hair habit was Scheduling a Set Wash Day. If you missed it, click that link to find out why you should have a set time each week to wash your hair.

Today’s good hair habit is to make sure you Dig Deep Every Week. That almost sounds kinky but the deep I’m talking about is deep conditioning, otherwise known as the time to impart beneficial nutrients and moisture to your hair.

Moisturized hair is critical to having your best hair. That’s because moisturized hair is pliable hair that doesn’t break off. The time to impart the most moisture to your hair is during your deep conditioning session.

So, while you may not feel like it, this is not a step you want to skip on wash day. Be inspired by knowing that when you take the time out to deep condition your hair, it’s like giving it a great big drink of infused water. Your hair will drink up all the vitamins and minerals directly from your deep conditioner.

deep conditioning weekly

It bears emphasis. Moisturized hair starts on wash day. When you wash your hair, you do it with water right? (please don’t say you’re using something other than water to start the process. I don’t know how I’ll react).

Water is the ultimate moisturizer. The very process of washing your hair with water doesn’t just facilitate the cleansing process. When the water enters your hair strands, it provides much needed hydration. It doesn’t stop there either.

Deep conditioning is the next step required to help you maintain moisture. Deep conditioners consist of botanicals and other hydration inducing ingredients to help you get your most moisturized hair.

Deep Conditioner Recommendations

The deep conditioner you choose is entirely up to you but I recommend you look for one with mostly natural ingredients because deep conditioners with a ton of chemicals can be counterproductive since the chemicals can leach the moisture right out of your hair. Even better, make your own deep conditioner with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen. (Ex: Avocado, honey, olive oil)


Making deep conditioning a part of your weekly hair regimen will get you that much closer to your best hair! It’s the first step to moisturized hair. Check out this article from Shelli of Hairscapades: Moisturized Hair: It Starts on Wash Day

Stay tuned or Good Hair Habit #4 – Moisturize and Seal Daily


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