5 Ways to Invest in Your Hair Care

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 10:50 pm

Beautiful hair doesn’t just happen by chance. You have to invest in your hair care by making it a priority. In this post, I share five ways that you can invest in your hair care so that you can reach hair goals and show deep respect by caring for your crown.

invest in hair care

1) Find out Your Hair’s Porosity Level(s)

Knowing your hair’s porosity is more important than knowing your curl pattern. In fact, it’s the single most important thing you can do to build a solid hair regimen.

There’s three levels of hair porosity: Low, Medium and High.

Low porosity hair is hair where the cuticles lay very flat and closely packed. It’s difficult to get moisture into low porosity hair. Using heat during a deep conditioning session is the most effective way.

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High porosity hair is hair that has raised cuticles. Usually, this type of hair has been damaged due to heat styling or excessive use of chemicals. In some cases, high porosity hair just is. It’s very important to prevent moisture from escaping this hair porosity type.

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Medium porosity hair is, you guess it. Perfect hair! OK no hair is perfect but medium porosity hair is most easy to get moisture into as well retaining that moisture.

In many heads of hair, there can be more than one type of porosity. I have a mixture of low and medium porosity sections but mostly low.

If you find you have a mixture of porosities, simply care for your full head of hair that has the most of one porosity type.

2) Have a Routine for Every Part of your Hair Care

If you have or had three children, would you raise them all the same? In some ways you would. You’d make sure they ate well, had clothing, shelter and were raised with a set of your values.

However, with each child having a different personality, you have to address how you raise them differently. For example, some kids can be corrected with a stern word. Others may need privileges taken away. And, yet others may need a bit of corporal punishment.

It’s similar with your hair care. You need to treat various parts of your hair care by having various hair routines:

  • A moisture routine (daily or multi-weekly)
  • Wash day routine
  • A night time routine
  • A morning routine

3) Invest in the Right Hair Products

invest in your hair care with anti shrinkage twisting products

Hair products are what support your healthy hair routines. If you use junk, don’t be surprised if your hair comes out looking like junk.

To invest in your hair care, look for high quality ingredients in products formulated to address your hair type. That could be volumizing products for fine hair or moisture rich products for dry hair.

Whatever your hair needs, use good quality products to meet those needs.

4) Find a professional to do what you can’t

There’s nothing wrong with doing things yourself. In fact, you should take responsibility for knowing how to care for your own hair. However, there may be certain aspects of your hair care that you are not skilled enough to do.

Such is the case when you need your hair shaped. You may be able to trim your hair at home to remove damaged ends but it’s a bit more difficult to cut your own hair in a shape. In this instance, you should seek out a trusted professional to do the job.

5) Purchase and use quality hair tools

revair quality hair tool

High quality hair tools can cost quite a bit but they are truly an investment. This could be a hair steamer, quality hair dryer or other grooming necessities.

Choosing to buy the cheapest hair tools on the market isn’t usually a wise decision. For example, I chose to purchase a RevAir hair dryer because of how well this dryer cares for your hair while drying it in record time. Many say that this dryer is just too expensive. I however see this purchase as just another way to invest in my hair care.

RevAir may be out of your price range but when you consider it a worthy investment, you see past the price tag and look at the longevity of how much benefit your hair will reap over time.

You have to ask yourself, “how much is my hair worth?” If saving strands is a big goal, then an investment in a hair tool like the RevAir seems quite reasonable. Especially, when you have several ways to purchase it on “lay away”

Lastly, the right comb or detangling brush can make or break your strands. Literally and figuratively.

Choosing to invest in your hair care will cost you some money. However, its worth the investment for a beautiful head of hair. You’ll want to provide your hair with the very best care. It is your God given crown.

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