What Really is The Best Source for Natural Hair Inspiration?

Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 09:49 pm

where to find hair inspiration

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for information on how to care for your hair or if you’re looking for the hottest new hairstyle (well, maybe it won’t be new but it will be new for you!). I think we can agree that there’s an over saturation of articles and images all around you.

With all of the information at your disposal, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed and fall prey to what’s called the paralysis of analysis.

“Could I be protein sensitive?” (No, by the way. Click that link to find out why)

“How often should I trim my hair?”

“What’s the best product for a twist out? braid out? wash and go?”

These are all questions that may cross your mind as you learn more about your natural hair. Allow me to narrow down where you can find the hair care and styling information you may be seeking and what each source has to offer.

There’s 5 main sources for hair inspiration:


YouTube is the go to source for hair tutorials and product reviews. What makes it one of the best sources for hair inspiration is everything is visual. You can find ladies with hair similar to yours and glean information from them. It’s very easy to learn step by step how to create a particular hairstyle as well as discover new hair care products to try.


Instagram is nothing but visual and sometimes you’ll find short video clips that may lead to full tutorials on how to do certain hairstyles. You can find specific pictures of styles and hair regimens by searching hashtags like #lengthretention #bighairdontcare or #curlsinaction. You won’t find as many product reviews as you will on Youtube where the pros and cons of products are shared but you can find new products to try.


Pinterest is one of the newer social networks in comparison to Facebook and Twitter but in the world of social media and how quickly the web moves, it’s a formidable source and not really all that new. It’s a great source for natural hair inspiration because it’s straight visual. A single search for “natural hair” will return a stream of beautiful natural hair pics. Clicking on any of those images will enlarge it and beneath the image you’ll find related images. There’s an abundance of natural hair images on pinterest that lead to written articles associated with those images.

Natural Hair Meet Ups

Have you ever seen a naturalista with gorgeous coils or curls and wanted to connect with her but felt weird approaching a total stranger to talk about her hair? Well, that’s where attending a natural hair meet up becomes your natural to natural connection of choice. You can connect with other naturals face to face while learning more about their hairstyling techniques and hair care regimens. Who knows. You may just find a new holy grail product or routine to create your next wash ‘n go, big puff, twist out or braid out.

Natural Hair Blogs

Natural hair blogs offer photos, videos and in depth articles about hair care. What’s great about natural hair blogs is you can find a wealth of information from just one post. Often times, bloggers will link to related posts which provide even more hair care information to help you. Then, there’s the community aspect of blogs. On really popular blogs, one comment can lead to multiple conversations with an exchange of pretty useful information. Some blogs even have forums to connect you with other naturals from around the globe.

sources of hair inspiration

Each of the sources listed is a great place to find inspiration for your hair but there is a downside to binge watching Youtube videos, scrolling through pic after pic attending one meet up after the next and reading blog post after blog post.

People can be quite opinionated, labeling themselves as gurus. Don’t get me wrong. Many of these ladies are true influencers but it’s what you do with the information you receive that counts.

The only real guru is the one you see in the mirror. YOU are the expert on your particular head of hair. Share on X

You may not feel like you are a guru in the beginning of your natural hair journey but keep testing and keeping track of the products and techniques you try. Before long, you’ll be an expert at what works (and what does not work) for your hair.

For example, you may discover that if you don’t have really dense hair, a curl rod set may look more appealing than a braid out (which tends to look flimsy on thin hair).

Whatever source you look toward for hair care information, let it be more for inspiration than duplication. Be inspired by what you see and read but discover what works best for your own hair. Pretty soon you won’t need to search out “the best source for natural hair inspiration” You’ll only need to look in the mirror!

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