Improve Wash Day With This One Hack

Wash day is the day we reset our hair for the week or month. Yet, aside from cleansing and deep conditioning your hair, there’s one very overlooked act that is one of the wash day hacks you can do to improve the day. It will also help you to reach a popular hair goal most women have – hair growth.

wash day hack

You’ve likely heard about the many ways to stimulate hair growth. These include:

  • Scalp massages with essential oils
  • Using DIY hair masks containing hair growth herbs
  • Hot oil treatments with castor oil

These are all effective ways to stimulate hair growth but here’s another overlooked way.

Stimulate Hair Growth With Shampoo

Using a shampoo containing hair growth stimulating herbs will improve wash day. However, the one little tool that you can use to increase that stimulation in your scalp is a scalp massage brush.

Simply, use a scalp massage brush with loads of an herbal hair growth shampoo on your scalp and you will greatly improve wash day by stimulating more growth.

This wash day hack is not about length retention. That’s a separate routine to focus on. We are strictly talking about hair growth.

Why Use a Scalp Massage Brush With Herbal Shampoo?

The benefit of using the scalp massage brush with an herbal shampoo is three fold:

  • Removes any build up of product from your scalp
  • Lifts and removes dead skin cells
  • Encourages the hair follicles to receive the herbs in the shampoo

Both product build up and dead skin cells on the scalp will slow down and in some cases, stop hair growth.

When you use the scalp massage brush you are exfoliating your scalp but even moreso, you are encouraging your scalp to receive the herbs and other nutrients that are in your shampoo.

This method of cleansing your scalp will cause all the goodness that is in those herbs to penetrate your scalp. It’s so invigorating and stimulating.

wash day hack

I’ve been consistently using this method to improve my own wash day and it’s been a game changer. My hair is growing more now than it has since I was relaxed.

Recommended Herbal Shampoo

herbal hair growth shampoo

And, in case you’re wondering what hair growth shampoo containing herbs to use, I have one to recommend. It’s by Ominira Naturals.

Ominira’s hair growth shampoo is chock full of hair growth herbs. All of the hair care products in this line will help you to improve wash day. They are so good they sell out very fast.

Click here to learn about what a full wash day is like with Ominira Naturals.

Scalp Massage Brushes

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