The Baggy Method vs The Green House Effect Method

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 06:03 pm

baggy method vs green house effect

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the difference between the Baggy Method and the Green House Effect. While I can see the blurred lines between the two, there are definitely some differences in the two hair care methods so I figured an answer to the question would make for a good post!

Below you will find in the simplest of explanations the main goal of each of the two hair care methods along with how to do them.

The Baggy Method

baggy methodRead the post this image was taken from here

Main Goal: Keep the hair well moisturized and conditioned to prevent breakage. Length Retention is the main goal.

How It’s Done: On clean dry hair that’s been placed in a ponytail, braid, twists or a bun, apply a conditioner (leave in or rinse out). Then, cover the ends of the hair with a plastic  baggie or plastic wrap. Some ladies  baggy on freshly washed hair and don a plastic cap or shower cap over their entire head. However, this method typically focuses on the ends of the hair.

The Green House Effect


Main Goal: Stimulate the scalp’s natural sebum using your body heat. Increasing the rate of hair growth is the main goal.

How It’s Done: On dry hair, apply a natural oil. Avoid putting anything on the scalp. Then, throw on a plastic cap, followed by a scarf and a satin bonnet or hat and sleep in it over night. In the morning when you remove all the various head coverings used to produce a sort of steaming method, you can opt to apply a styler which will seal in any moisture generated. Some ladies only leave their head covered for a few hours. Either way, the entire head must be covered.

As you can see, there are some similarities between the two hair treatments. The medium term goals are slightly different but the long term goal is the same – longer hair. For Baggy-ing, it’s length retention. For the Green House Effect, it’s acceleration of hair growth. The two methods work on opposite sections of the hair. Scalp vs. Ends but as I mentioned – at the end of the day, the long term goal is to achieve longer hair.

Regardless to if you use the Baggy Method or the Green House Effect in your hair care regimen, consistency is the key.

Have you tried the Baggy Method or The Green House Effect?
What were your results?


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  1. Some say Green House Effect can prevent growth if done too often as it stops oxygen to your scalp. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Not true. Your scalp is not getting oxygen. Also, I’m going to need you to please stop commenting from two different names like you are someone different. Your IP address is the same for both

      thank you

  2. Alison Hector says:

    I’m a consistent baggy method fan. I probably baggy four out of seven nights per week, overnight. I do want to try the GHE and probably will on the weekend.

  3. Hi Michelle! Great post! I am loving the GHE. I’ve been doing it since the beginning of the month. I see and feel a difference. My moisture level is on point. I did a search and destroy on my twists this past weekend. I don’t think the snippets affect too much of my length. I will do a length check in the firest week of next month.

    1. Thanks Dev! I took a few days break this week. I have had such terrible allergies and I know my hair is suffering because I haven’t paid it much attention.
      Girl I give props to y’all that can do S&Ds. Its too stressful for me LOL

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