7 Things To Do Monthly for Optimal Hair Health

Hair routines are what make up the totality of your hair regimen. In today’s post I’m sharing seven essential monthly hair routines that you can do for optimal hair health.

essential monthly hair routines

Before we get into the monthly hair routines, let me be clear. You do not have to do every single one of these to see your hair improve. You can choose to do just 2 or 3 of them. Alternatively, you can alternate what you do on a monthly basis. There are many possibilities.

What I like to do for my own hair care to be optimal is to give my hair what it needs on a consistent basis. Then, re-evaluate and make changes as needed.

Now, let’s take a look at the seven essential monthly hair routines that you can incorporate into your hair regimen.

I. Examine Your Ends

You know logically that the ends are the oldest part of your hair. Therefore, you want to make sure that you regularly pay attention to your ends.

You don’t want to obsess over perfect ends but you do want to examine them from over a set period of time. Monthly is a good timeframe.

If all looks good, move on to styling. If not, then the next monthly hair care routine goes hand in hand with this one.

II. Search and Destroy

On wash day, after you’re done washing out your deep conditioner (Deep conditioning is NOT a scam) and examining your ends, section your hair and trim off any damage you may see – 1 hair at a time.

This includes knots that you aren’t able to remove and of course, splits. This method of trimming is called the search and destroy method.

III. Clarify Your Hair

One of the essential monthly hair routines that everyone should have is clarifying their hair.

If you use a lot of styling products (gels, pomades etc), you may need to clarify more often than monthly. Yet, monthly is a good timeframe to start with. You don’t want to constantly strip your hair’s natural oils, which is essentially what you are doing to remove product build up.

Even if you don’t use a lot of hair products, if you co-wash your hair regularly, you’ll want to clarify it.

Clarifying your hair helps return it to a clean slate for optimal hair health.

IV. Exfoliating Your Scalp

Scalp exfoliation is one of those things that most people neglect to do. Yet, it’s your scalp that’s the ground for healthy hair to grow from.

Exfoliating your scalp removes dead skin cells, impurities and unclogs its pores.

You can create your own scalp scrub with jojoba oil and some coffee grounds (Tip: after brewing that cup of Joe, make those coffee grounds work double time!)

Not, the DIY type? Check out this scalp exfoliant from Nexxus:

V. Hair Steaming

Hair steaming is something that many people only do during the colder months but it’s definitely worthy of being part of your monthly hair care routines. Check out the benefits of hair steaming here.

VI. Doing Strength Treatments

Every hair type needs a topical strength treatment from time to time. For those with fine hair, using strength treatments at least monthly, is beneficial for strong hair.

Protein treatments will strengthen your hair and curtail breakage but you can also add hair strengthening herbs to your deep conditioner. These include:

  • – Henna
  • – Amla
  • – Fenugreek
  • – Bhringraj
  • – Ashwagandha
  • – Brahmi

VII. Hot Oil Treatments

Warming up an oil, distributing it throughout your hair and allowing it to sit covered with a plastic cap is the best treatment for dry, parched strands.

Even if you don’t want to make hot oil treatments part of your monthly hair care routines, you definitely want to consider doing them during the colder months.

Which of these essential monthly hair routines are non-negotiable for you?

monthly hair routines

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