10 Easy Hacks for a More Productive Wash Day

Last updated on June 18th, 2024 at 02:32 pm

wash day hacks

Wash day can be like a spa day for your hair but when you have to put in a lot of work to make it productive, wash day then becomes more stressful than enjoyable. Who wants to spend all day doing their hair? (OK I know some ladies don’t mind but most of us raised an eyebrow for sure)

The following 10 hacks will help you to not only be more organized on wash day, it will help your wash day routine support your hair growth goals.

Just like being organized in other areas of your life can cut down on stress, being organized on the day you wash your hair can accomplish the same while supporting you to grow long hair (mostly by helping you retain more lenth). Let’s go…

  1. Work in Sections

    It doesn’t matter if you are washing, conditioning or styling your hair. Working in sections makes everything you do more efficient. It prevents your hair from getting tangled and it keeps you from doing the same area of hair more than once. #Focus #LengthRetention leading to #HairGrowth

  2. Assemble Hair Products And Tools in Advance

    From the pre-poo to the cream jelly styler, laying everything out in advance will keep you organized while working on your hair so you won’t have to run back and forth in search of what you need. This includes your plastic cap, combs, clips etc.

  3. Mix and Store

    If you’ll be creating any DIY products, mix them up the night before and store them in the refrigerator if necessary. Then, when you’re ready to apply the products to your hair, you can get right to it without additional preparation. Your products will be ready to do the work.

  4. Break Up Your Regimen

    If you have a detailed hair regimen, it’s easier to break up the routine into different times of the day. For example, I sometimes like to pre-poo the night before I actually wash my hair. This allows the product time to penetrate into my fine strands without me feeling like I have to commit additional hours to it. (Note: it’s more effective for hair growth when that pre-poo sits over night anyway!)

    timing hair treatments
  5. Use a Timer

    When sitting under the dryer (or steamer) for your deep conditioning session, set a timer. It’s easy to sit up under the dryer scrolling through your social media sites or reading a book, only to look up and discover you’ve been deep conditioning longer than necessary (I once sat there for over an hour while scrolling through Facebook!)

    There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Over deep conditioning can cause your protein-moisture balance to be out of wack.

  6. Allow Your Products to MultiTask

    There are a number of products that can work double duty for you. For example, while it’s important to the clarity of your scalp and hair to cleanse with a sulfate free shampoo from time to time, you can opt to co-wash with a conditioner from time to time and use that same conditioner to pre-poo or detangle with.

  7. Combine Your Products

    Shorten the time that you would take to apply products to your hair by combining them. You can combine an oil and conditioner to pre-poo instead of applying them separately. You can also combine your styler and your gel or your leave in conditioner and your oil for single applications.

  8. Apply Most of Your Products In The Shower

    You can apply your cleanser, conditioner, oil sealant and styler all while still in the shower. Just keep your products close by and after your final rinse, turn off the water and work each product systemically through your hair.

    The application process is faster and your hair will maintain additional moisture generated from the warmth now in your bathroom. This is especially helpful if you have high porosity hair that’s protein to rapidly losing moisture.

    hair planner and journal
  9. Keep a Hair JOURNAL

    Making and keeping note of how your hair reacts to certain products and practices will eliminate wasted time trying to figure out what your hair likes and doesn’t like. Your entire life can be organized! Check out the Natural Hair Boss Command Center. You can journal and plot literally everything related to your hair care in this one of a kind Google sheet.


    An effective amount of time for deep conditioning is 30 minutes. Anything beyond that is not necessary. Within the span of a half hour, you can do a number of things around the house. The list of tasks you can accomplish while deep conditioning is abundant from making the bed, putting away a load of laundry or paying bills online.

    Normally, I wouldn’t condone multitasking but your productivity doesn’t have to be limited to what you’re doing to your hair. You can also be productive around your home while still remaining focused on your hair care.

Wash day can be so much more productive when it’s planned accordingly. When caring for your hair is less of a chore, you will find that you are much more consistent with doing the things that are necessary to promote strong, healthy strands.

And, we all know consistency is the key to reaching your desired hair goals. Let these wash day hacks guide you.

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