Natural Hair Low Bun Protective Style – With Loose Ends!

Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 04:59 pm

It’s 45 minutes before you have to head out for work. You’re late….again. The alarm clock didn’t go off (or you ignored it). You know how people feel about natural hair in the workplace so you don’t want to just walk out the house haphazardly with your hair looking unkempt! A Low bun protective style can rescue your day.

fine natural hair

Plus, you still need to prioritize at least a few minutes to connect with your Creator before starting the day. A wise woman once said: How can you connect with the world before connecting with the Creator? Share on X

The Low Bun to The Rescue

natural hair low bun

I just love rocking buns on my natural hair. The low bun you see here is actually a double bun. I recreated it a while back, earlier in my natural hair journey.

I left the ends slightly exposed for an effortless look but it’s still considered a protective style in my book because the ends of my hair are still up away from anything that could cause them damage. That includes friction with my clothes and tangling with my jewelry.

natural hair bun

Tools and accessories

  • Satin scrunchie
  • Bobby pins
  • Spray bottle with a mixture of water and conditioner
  • Aloe vera gel to quickly smooth those edges

Technique to Create this Low Bun Protective Style

Now, because we need to get out of the house fast we need this style to be created quickly. What’s best is this style was not only quick. It was achieved on dry, somewhat dirty hair.

To help make the hair more manageable to work with I spritzed on a mixture of water with a little leave in conditioner mixed into it. This adds moisture to the hair but it also helps your strands to be more pliable while you are styling it and molding it into place.

Here’s the complete styling process:

  • Spritzed hair with water/conditioner mix
  • Smoothed edges with aloe gel
  • Using hands (no brushes or combs), secured hair into a ponytail with the satin scrunchie
  • Created the low double bun using bobby pins. In order to achieve a fuller bun, I sectioned the ponytail into two and criss crossed vs. wrapping it into a chignon first
  • The, pinned each section to create the bun.

Easy peasy and it took all of 5 minutes to do. Now, that’s a classy low bun protective style that would work great for natural hair in the workplace. 😉

Here’s another cute go to hairstyle that’s also protective ~~~> Go To Winter Hairstyle

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  1. Danielle Myhand says:

    I was browsing the internet concerning placing your hair in a bun and I “stumbled upon” something beautiful- your hair– and a blog that includes your faith walk! Inspiring!

    Then– My hair can do that!

    Now coming upon my 7th year being natural- I am just enjoying “the idea” of being natural (most days). it seems like much of the hairstyles take so much time and practice- I had that time the first 5 years of being natural but when you threw in work- and now having 2 babies 2 and under- I needed a quick neat hairstyle. I resolved to wearing my hair in french braids ( if I am ever able to get a neat one the first time) and a bun!! My edges cannot handle it anymore!

    1. ha! I know what you mean about having to practice to get certain hairstyles.

      This is a very old post! I’ve actually gotten a lot better with styling too 🙂

      thank you for stopping by!

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