Crown Braid on Fine Natural Hair

The crown braid on natural hair is an easy protective style you can do to cut down on the over manipulation caused by daily hairstyling. If you have fine natural hair or shorter hair and you don’t want to create a faux crown braid by adding hair, you’ll have to do a few things to make your crown braid (also called halo braid) appear fuller.

crown braid on natural hair

The crown braid is commonly done by adding hair that’s not your own. This is because most people don’t have hair that’s long enough to reach across the “crown” of the head. It also makes the style appear more polished when done professionally. However, the crown braid does not have to be perfect (unless you want it to be).

side bar: The alternative to the crown braid is a crown twist.

You can do either a crown braid or a crown twist on your natural hair without adding hair. In fact, it’s better for your own hair, not to add anything artificial to it. This is because it will cause your own hair to dry out faster. This includes using human hair. I digress.

I’ve done the halo braid on my fine natural hair many times in different ways and it always comes out differently. Your halo or crown braid will come out differently depending on how “straightened” or stretched your natural hair is.

crown braid on natural hair
crown braid on shorter hair – no hair added

Crown Braid Video Tutorial

In the video below, I show you how to do a crown braid on natural hair – in my case, fine natural hair. My hair is longer than it was in the photo above but the technique is pretty much the same. The only difference is I braided my hair in much smaller pieces since it was shorter.

YouTube video

The way I do my crown or halo braid today is to braid in a “chunkier” fashion.

crown braid on natural hair

Crown Braid Styling Tips

While the crown braid is definitely a complete protective style by simply braiding your hair around your “crown,” you can make it even nicer by accessorizing or styling it.

Here are a few ways to add a little “more” to your halo braid:

  • Pull out a few curls in the front or sides of your face. This gives the style a softer look:
  • Add a couple of cornrows or small braids to the front or side of your hair. You can then, add beads to the end of the braids to make them appear even fancier
  • Add hair accessories to the braid. For example: clips or decorative hair combs work well and look really cute. Check out this really cute faux halo braid below (Credit: Tiff Perkins).

Now, I think she added hair but you can definitely accessorize in this manner without doing so.

Halo Braid Tip for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you may not be very pleased with how full (or lack of fulness) your braid has. Two things that help with that (as shared in the video above) are:

  • Braiding looser and once done, pulling the braid slightly apart to “plump” it up
  • Use a volumizing hair styling powder. Here’s the one I use: Got2Be Volumizing Styling Powder

Crown Twist “Braid” Anyone?

In the near future I’ll share how to do the crown twist on natural hair. it’s definitely easier than braiding. Visit my Youtube channel and check out the Hairstyle playlist. That’s where I’ll share a video tutorial of the style. In case you’re reading this post long after I’ve published it, I want you to be able to find the link to all the low manipulation hairstyles and protective styles I’ve shared 🙂

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