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Braids are beautiful. Small braids, big braids, box braids and cornrowed braids. There’s so many low manipulation braid styles and in this post I’m sharing how I do them on fine natural hair.

braids on fine natural hair

Creating braids also requires a lot of manipulation. For fine strands, it can wreak havoc.

So, how on earth can you do braids and they be a low manipulation hairstyle?

Simple. The bigger the better.

Box braids are a good low manipulation hairstyle for fine natural hair. You just have to make sure they aren’t done too tightly or in abundance.

Aside from the amount of manipulation it takes to create a host of braids, when done on fine hair they tend to come out very choppy and stringy looking.

low manipulation braid styles
low manipulation braids

If you stick to creating no more than 10 braids, you won’t need to manipulate your hair as much and you can likely keep those braids looking neat for a longer period of time. That is, as long as you remember to tie your hair down at night.

The Benefit of Braiding Stretched Hair

Additionally, if you braid hair that’s already undergone a good bit of stretching (making this a converted hairstyle), it will be easier to braid your hair.

The braids you see in this post were done on hair that had previously been stretched using Waveformers.

I didn’t have to detangle my hair as much since I was able to previously stretch it.

Switching Things Up

You can also pin braids up to create a different looking hairstyle (another converted hairstyle) in 7 Tips to Successful Low Manipulation Styling.

If you have more density (even with fine strands, hair can appear thick), you can increase the number of braids. Just don’t do too many to the point of cause breakage from the excess manipulation

braids low manipulation style

Looking for a professional hair braider? Check out this site.

Low manipulation braid styles are just another easy way to help you retain length, if that’s your goal. At the very least, you’ll be able to take a break from having to do your hair every day.

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