Hold on to Your Faith

Last updated on November 30th, 2016 at 06:45 pm

hold on to your faith

The other night I was watching God’s Not Dead 2. I found myself feeling disgusted by some of the things in this movie. Aside from the obvious message that people don’t believe there’s a God, there’s also the message that I believe God is telling His people: Hold on To Your Faith.

The main character in the movie didn’t seem to be very solid in her faith. Yes, she was under a great deal of pressure for sharing her beliefs as a Christian but it didn’t seem to take much to rock her faith boat. She would pray and then just “hope” (not the God kind of hope) everything would work out.

That’s not how you get answers to your prayers. True Bible believing faith, prays the answer as promised in the Word of God and then trusts that God hears and honors His Word.

God is Not Dead (part 1) was a better movie with respect to reflecting how to walk by faith but this post Gods not deadisn’t really about critiquing either of these movies. It’s more about getting you to take a personal look at your own faith walk.

Do you worry when challenging circumstances come your way?

Do you get off your knees in prayer but then speak contrary to what you are believing God for?

Do you doubt when it “seems” as though your prayers are going unanswered?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, It’s time to get serious and start fighting the good fight of faith. Jesus didn’t just suffer and die to secure our salvation status in heaven. He did all of that so that we would be successful while we are here on the earth. Let’s not give the devil the satisfaction of discarding our faith for his lies and deceit.

At the end of both God is Not Dead movies, the message is clear. “Hold on to your faith.” Even when you think the devil is winning, God always has a plan. This is a powerful message to the people of God.


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  1. “Hold on to your faith”…something that I needed to be reminded of because my faith is being severely tested. Thanks for sharing!

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