My Fine Natural Hair

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 05:45 pm

I don’t think I’ve ever written about specifically sharing the characteristics of my fine natural hair.

fine natural hair

I’ve written about my hair regimen from time to time as well as the hair products that I like love, and hate but never a comprehensive piece that shares all about my fine natural hair.

Why this is Beneficial?

Now, some people may read this and think, “Why do we need to know about your fine natural hair?” Well, the answer is pretty simple. There are ladies who may stop by this blog looking for information on fine natural hair. After seeing a few pics of my hair, one may think, “My hair looks just like hers.” (This has actually happened many times)

And, if that’s you and you’re struggling with your fine natural hair, perhaps me sharing all about my hair may help you with yours. Sound good? OK cool. Keep reading 🙂

Now, this post isn’t specifically about my fine natural hair. It’s more to point you toward where you can read about my fine natural hair. I actually created a whole page dedicated to sharing about my hair type, porosity, texture, regimen etc.

If you are a fellow fine haired natural and are interested in my hair stats and other pertinent info, check it out here:

About My Fine Natural Hair

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