Deep Conditioning is NOT a SCAM

Last updated on July 26th, 2023 at 09:26 am

Importance of deep conditioning

importance of deep conditioning

There’s so much misinformation circulating online that I felt the need to address something that I saw in a Facebook group. Someone said “Deep conditioning is a scam.”

Now, you know most people shot that statement down right away.

That’s because the majority of individuals realize the importance of deep conditioning.

So, why does this lady feel like deep conditioning is a scam? She obviously didn’t feel like it was helping her hair in any way. There’s a few reasons for that and I hope that this read helps anyone who is not yet experiencing the benefits of deep conditioning.

Benefits of Deep Conditioning

Before we go into reasons why deep conditioning may not be working for your hair, let’s look at the actual proven benefits of deep conditioning:

  1. Hair stays moisturized longer between wash days
  2. It helps with manageability
  3. Improves your hair’s elasticity
  4. Deep conditioning helps to smooth your hair’s cuticle layer
  5. Helps balance out your hair’s protein levels by restoring whatever moisture you may need (especially after a protein treatment)
  6. Can help to restore your hair’s pH balance, if out of wack after using clarifiers or color in your hair

Reasons Deep Conditioning Isn’t Working

Now that it’s clear the many benefits deep conditioning has, let’s look at the reasons why deep conditioning may not be working for you:

You’re using the wrong product

Sometimes you may see products labeled as deep conditioners but they contain a hefty amount of protein. When hair doesn’t require protein at the time, you will not see the effects of deep conditioning. It may in fact cause your hair to feel brittle due to the over consumption of protein.

You’re not deep conditioning for your porosity

Porosity is often overlooked by many people. However, it’s important to know your porosity so that you can deep condition properly.

If you have low porosity hair, you should deep condition and use penetrating oils in hot oil treatments. If your hair is fine, using products with light protein can be helpful but for those with thicker strands, using a deep conditioner with no protein is more effective.

If you have high porosity hair, you’ll want to use deep conditioners that are also rich in protein, help seal the cuticle and improve elasticity. This is regardless of how hefty your strands are.

For more on Porosity, check out this article from RevAir: (Save 10% off of a RevAir Hair Dryer package with coupon code: FINEHAIR10 at:

Heat is not being used

In order for a deep conditioner product to conditioner your hair “deeply” it needs to penetrate the hair shaft. You can not that adequately without lifting the hair’s cuticle layer. This is why the recommendation is to close the cuticles of your hair with a cool shot rinse after deep conditioning.

Most importantly, add a heat source to your hair that’s been covered with a plastic cap. It will encourage the hair cuticle to lift and receive the nutrients from the deep conditioner you’re using. You can do this with a microwaveable or plug in heating cap. It can also be done by sitting under a hooded dryer.

Lastly, you can use a hand held dryer (the most cumbersome) and continuously blow warm air around your head. Just make sure you have a plastic covering on. The goal isn’t to dry your hair.

The deep conditioner is not left in long enough

Very similar to not using heat, if you are not leaving your deep conditioner in your hair long enough you’re not giving your hair the adequate amount of time to receiving the benefits of deep conditioning.

The recommendation is to leave a deep conditioner in your hair for a minimum of 30 minutes to no longer than an hour. Any longer and you may cause over-conditioning which is just as bad as not conditioning at all.

You’re not being consistent

Just as with any other action you take to reach a goal, consistency is key. You wouldn’t exercise one time and expect to lose 5 pounds.

It’s the consistent cumulative habit of deep conditioning on a regular basis that yields the best results. Every wash day, make it a practice to deep condition and you will recognize the importance of deep conditioning.

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importance of deep conditioning

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