Step by Step RevAir Routine

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 09:24 pm

There’s nothing like a beautiful blow out – especially on fine natural hair which tends to lack volume. The RevAir (Reverse Air Hair Dryer) is an innovative tool for achieving that look. Below you’ll find my step by step RevAir routine – a great prep for simply stretching your natural hair for a protective style.

blow out hair using the ReVair

RevAir Routine Overview

  1. Freshly washed hair is the canvas
  2. Towel dry and detangle hair before starting
  3. Use a heat protectant – nothing oil based or you can damage the unit
  4. Start with low heat and moderate tension to determine what your hair can take.
  5. Use higher tension for more of a stretch
  6. When hair is nearly dry, switch to the high heat setting
  7. Finish dry hair off with the cool shot setting
  8. Rev in sections
  9. Do not pump the dryer up and down when using it. Hold it in place for about 30 seconds and then remove hair to check it. Repeat that process til dry
  10. Don’t go for extremely blown out hair if you are just revving your hair for a stretched, protective or low manipulation style

Lastly, once your hair is completely blown out following the RevAir routine, you can apply an oil or butter based product should you go a little overboard with the heat.

I love using butter based products after using the RevAir because they add shine to your hair and protect your ends from breakage.

RevAir Routine – Video

Now, without further ado, here is the video demonstration of my RevAir routine and to purchase your own RevAir, you can do so here.

YouTube video

Following a RevAir Routine for Pre-Styling

Lastly, you can blow your hair out effortlessly using the RevAir to prep for a protective style or low manipulation hairstyle. Here are some styles I like to do after blowing my hair out:

  • Loose twists
  • Small twists (not mini)
  • Sleek buns
  • 2 Braids
  • Bubble ponytails
  • Bantu knot outs (these come out like beach waves)

While RevAir is larger and more expensive than other dryers, it completely delivers on value by protecting your hair from heat damage while also saving you time.

RevAir Routine

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