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Afro textured hair is absolutely beautiful. Curly, wavy, oily, fine, thick – it doesn’t matter. The different textures are unique to each head of hair. Yet, for all of it’s beauty, it can be what some would consider high maintenance! Of course, that’s subjective. What you consider high maintenance may be totally different from what someone else considers high maintenance. For example, taking two to three hours a week out of my schedule to give my fine natural a hair spa day isn’t high maintenance to me at all. What I do on that one day allows me to do very little during the week. Yet, for another lady, even that amount of time commitment is just too much. She would prefer to spend no more than two or three hours a month….tops. Again, all subjective.

Regardless to if you spend a few hours per week or a limited number of hours per month on your hair, there’s certain essential hair care items you need to have at your disposal. These hair tools, accessories and products will make everything from your daily styling to weekly (or monthly) hair care sessions a lot more productive.

Here’s your list of Must Have Products for Fine Natural Afro Textured Hair:

  1. Banana Clip: An old school hair accessory for afro textured hair, it can create a number of quick and cute hairstyles from full up-dos (buns and french rolls) to half up-do’s.
  2. Puff Cuff: Similar to the banana clip, the Puff Cuff comes in a variety of sizes to create different sized afro puffs and makes it possible to pull your hair out of your face in a cinch. It fits looser than a banana clip but still manages to secure all of your hair.
  3. Afro Pick (Plastic or Wooden): Especially helpful for lifting your hair at the roots, an afro pick is an essential item to have. It can make all the difference between a twist out that looks flat or voluminous. Plastic or wooden picks are the only picks you’ll want to use on your hair because metal can damage your scalp
  4. Seamless Comb: While finger detangling and finger combing hair is the most gentle means of caring for your hair, it’s sometimes too time consuming. You can start off with your fingers and finish up with a seamless comb to cut down on the time. The lack of seams on the comb greatly reduces the risk of hair breakage.
  5. Hair Steamer: Afro textured hair in general tends to dry out very easily. Having a hair steamer at you disposal will help you to infuse moisture into your hair rapidly. A portable hair steamer like the Q-Redew can also aid you in detangling your hair because it makes the hair much more pliable while adding considerable moisture.
  6. Flexi Rods (in a variety of sizes): There’s many types of hair rollers and curlers on the market but none as versatile as the flexi rod. That’s because these flexible curlers can create so many different types of curls depending on the size and technique you use to install them (spirals, barrels, large waves, loose curls)
  7. Snappees: These hair bands perform a similar function as the seamless elastic hair band with one exception. No matter how tight you put them into your hair, you don’t have to pull or tug to remove them. All you need to do is unsnap them. Effortless. The Snappee hair band can either be used to style your hair in ponytails, snapped together to create a head band or to stretch your hair by way of the banding method. A bonus is they come in playful colors.
  8. Bobby Pins (Double end enforced): An age old hair accessory, it’s nearly impossible to style afro texture hair without bobby pins. You’ll want to purchase the best bobby pins available so that you cut down the risk of them snagging in your hair.
  9. Herbal hair products: Clays, Herbal Powders, essential oils and herbal oils are needed to create hair masks and hair teas. Plus, you’ll need natural oils like Jojoba, Coconut, Argan, Olive and Grape seed to pre-poo, lubricate and seal moisture into your hair. Indian herbal hair oils like Brahmi oil and Amla oil strengthens your hair shaft. After walking through your natural hair journey for a while, you may com to discover that natural is best. It’s also much less costly than purchasing dozens of hair products that use up quickly. When you have the herbs and oils on hand, you can quickly DIY everything from cleaners to moisturizers and deep conditioners. Check out this Simple Indian Herbal Hair Care Guide.
  10. Scalp Massager: The best way to increase blood flow to your scalp; and why would you want to do that? To stimulate growth of course! oh, and to increase your scalps natural flow of sebum which naturally conditions your hair and scalp.
  11. Satin or silk scarf: The last but most important must have for all afro textured hair is a scarf made from satin or silk to protect your hair when you sleep at night. If you commute during the winter months and your hair is at risk of rubbing on your coat, use your satin or silk scarf to protect it during that time as well.
  12. Portable Food Processor: I know what you’re thinking. “Why does my hair need a food processor?” Duh. How else do you think you’ll whip together all of your simple DIY hair recipes? Sure, you could use a hand mixer or a regular blender but small food processors are SO much more effective.

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A Prayer for Our Hair:

Thank you heavenly Father for all the beautiful textures of hair that you created. In Jesus Name’ I pray that we become skillful in every aspect of caring for it that we honor you as we honor our crowns of glory. Amen.

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