CBD for Hair Growth?

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Everywhere you look now days, you’ll find all sorts of products making claims to fame with the use of CBD. Lately, it’s the use of CBD for hair growth. Don’t get me wrong. CBD has amazing benefits for health and wellness. I just pause (and so should you) before believing the claims of manufacturers as it relates to hair growth. In this article, I share some true facts about CBD and then you can decide.

cbd for hair growth

What is CBD?

Before we get into the benefits of CBD and if it’s possible to stimulate or increase hair growth, let’s quickly review what it is.

CBD, short for cannabidiol or cannabis is a natural element derived from hemp flowers or plants. Unlike THC which is derived from the marijuana plant, CBD does NOT get a person high.

The good news is you don’t need THC to reap many of the benefits of using marijuana in a medicinal way.

Benefits of CBD

My son has been consuming CBD since before it was popular on the market. He takes it via an oil. It’s the only CBD derived drug approved by the FDA to help hard to control seizures. It’s been effective and the benefits don’t end there.

CBD has been proven* effective for:

  • Helping with sleep issues
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Reducing inflammation

With many people taking CBD with positive results, I think that’s led to many seeing it as a cash cow.

The Director of the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai in New York City led a double-blind study of recovering heroin addicts and the findings support the claims that CBD is effective in reducing cravings and anxiety. Yet, he makes it clear, “When we are putting it into mascara and tampons, for God’s sake, to me, that’s a scam.”

Doesn’t that make you wonder if all the CBD for hair growth products being sold are a scam?

It seems that CBD’s efficacy may be contingent on consuming it internally versus applying it topically. That, and how pure it is.

For those trying to grow black hair past shoulder length, CBD may be a good resource to add your overall consumption.

CBD for Hair Growth

Not to veer too far left, it’s important to share that I have also consulted with a CBD dosing specialist from Equilibria, (use my referral code REFSMITHSACCOUNT for $20 off your order) a supplier of pure organic CBD specifically marketed to women.

While I’m familiar with the use of CBD for seizures, I had only taken it internally one time and I got it from a pharmacy over the counter. As of the writing of this article, I’ve been on a daily CBD regimen for about two weeks now.

Equilibria CBD drops

Equilibria doesn’t just sell CBD products. They also help you find the right balance of how much to consume and when.

In my initial consultation with a CBD dosing specialist, I just had to ask her opinion on if CBD worked for hair growth.

The consultant proceeded to explain how our Endocannabinoid System works. She also explained how CBD could possibly help with inflammation when applied topically and absorbed through the skin.

She could not confirm or deny if it would help with hair growth.

So, if we just use some common sense and look at how pure CBD can help with inflammation, you could assume that if it’s applied topically to an inflamed scalp on a consistent basis, it could help improve the health of the scalp. A healthy scalp is necessary for hair growth.

The only way to know is to test it out. However, most CBD brands on the market do not provide quality assurance tests like Equilibria does. So, you don’t really know what you are rubbing into your hair and scalp. It may be just fine….or not.

Hair products containing CBD may also have very little of this ingredient in them, making their claims of promoting hair growth just puffed up marketing. Who’s to say?

Touchdown CBD Triple X Hair Growth Oil and Edge Gro

One of the more recently popular CBD hair product lines on the market is from TouchDown, a popular brand found in many beauty supply stores:

  • Premium CBD & 24K Gold EdgeGro $5.99-$12~
  • TouchDown: 3x Triple Strength MiracleGro Oil  $12.99~

By just reading the ingredient label, the ingredients on both products appear very clean. Unfortunately, that doesn’t provide any insight into the quality or quantity of CBD used to formulate them.

One clue is the price tag. The products are cheap. So, while I wouldn’t dare speak on the quality of the CBD, I am inclined to think that there’s just not that much CBD in them. Hence, the cheap price.

I have been using both products for over a month and I can confidently say that I have not noticed any significant increase in hair growth.

Perhaps I need to use them for a longer period of time. I may try that and report back in a few months time. At the very least, I will continue to use the EdgeGro but not for hair growth. It’s simply a fantastic edge tamer!

Touchdown EdgeGro

TouchDown’s CBD & 24K Gold EdgeGro smells wonderful and tames my edges beautifully. The product goes on very smooth and doesn’t make your hair hard. It’s amazing how buttery soft it is but still has holding power.

So, what are your thoughts on CBD for hair growth? Are you buying it? Do you use hair products marketed to contain CBD?

*Of course, I can’t make any medical claims about CBD. I’m just sharing this information based on my personal experience and the reviews of others. Use at your own risk

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