Thankfulness and Inviting God Into Your Hair Care

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Thanksgiving is a day when families and friends get together and sit around a table (or all around the house) to enjoy a good meal. Other than that, there’s not much thankfulness going on. Sad really.

Today’s quick post on Fine Natural Hair and Faith in honor of this Day of Thanks, will be different. No matter when you read it, it will apply to your life. I want to encourage you to be thankful at all times.

Now, before you get indignant and start thinking I’m advising you to be thankful about any and everything you go through (good and bad), let me explain…

The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 to give thinks in every situation. That doesn’t mean give thanks for every situation because let’s face it. Not every thing in life is sunshine and roses.

God doesn’t expect us to thank Him for the bad things that happen in our lives but He does expect us to be thankful in spite of the bad things that happen. Thank Him for other things going well.

Being Thankful IN All Circumstances

god and hair care

One time I fractured my left foot just as my right foot was in the process of being rehabilitated due to an ongoing inflammatory issue caused by a bone deformity.

I could have complained and talked about how unfair it was and how much pain I was in.

It’s easy to do that. Most people would.

Hey, sympathy could flow from all directions. But, what good would it do either of my feet?

Instead, I’m choosing to thank God that while both feet hurt, I’m thankful I can still walk. In fact, “Thank you God that I have a flexible job that allows me to work from home so that I don’t have to commute to work so often.”

“Thank you God that while I can’t exercise the way I would like, my upper body is still in good shape. I can do push ups and lift weights. Halelujah! Thank you for being able to do something.”

See how that works? Thankfulness.

Knowing that by faith my feet WOULD be 100% again some day, I held on to that hope based on the promise of healing and deliverance that God has given me in His Word. I trusted that He would honor His Word…and He did.

Trusting The Father In Spite of Your Circumstances

trusting God the Father

When you show the Father that you trust Him and have faith that He will work everything out for you, your faith filled hope will not be put to shame.

But let’s apply this way of living to ALL aspects of our lives. The expression of faith, hope and trust should be applied to every part of your life, including your hair care.

Because this blog is predominantly about sharing tips to care for fine natural hair hair, it’s also faith based.

I do not believe that we can do anything without the Lord leading us, guiding us and giving us favor and/or wisdom. That’s why I invite you to invite God into your hair care. Praying to God about your hair is no different than praying to Him about anything else that concerns you.

Some have scoffed at and even expressed that praying to God for healthy hair is silly – a waste of time. My question is why would anything that God created be silly to Him?

If you were having trouble with your car, you’d consult the manufacturer or dealership that sold you the car wouldn’t you?

Well, if you aren’t having success caring for the hair that God masterfully created growing out of your head, why not ask Him about it? He is after all, the manufacturer.

Thank God for Your Hair

god and hair care

While you are checking in with God and asking Him to help you care for your hair, don’t forget to circle on back to thanksgiving.

Like I shared how I was thankful and expressed gratitude to God in spite of two bum acting feet, I encourage you to do the same for your hair right now in whatever state it’s in.

Give Him thanks for having hair in the first place. Your hair could be fiercely breaking, excessively thinning or just be completely resistant to anything you do to it.

Even worst, you could be without any.

This post came from my heart. It was just something to provoke thought.

Invite God into your hair care, thank Him for what you don’t yet see and expect your hair to change. Won’t He do it? Yes, He will!

God cares about everything that concerns you. That’s why God and Hair Care aren’t foreign to each other at all. In fact, there’s a Biblical way to grow hair.

Also, check out this wonderful faith based article on The Amazing Human Hair

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