3 Summer Hair Goals You Should Focus On

Last updated on September 2nd, 2022 at 07:46 pm

Summer is in full effect here in the US! For those with natural hair, it can be a time of rejoicing (humidity induced hair growth and all) or a time of frustration. The summer hair goals I’m about to share will help you be on the side of rejoicing. Let’s go.

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Prevent Tangling

The first of the three summer hair goals may not seem like it’s a problem that’s exclusive to summer. That’s because it’s not.

However, in the summer we tend to wear out natural hair out much more frequently. In fact, this time of year is often referred to by naturals as “Wash and Go Season.”

Because of the tendency to wear your hair out more often (especially wash and go’s), the risk of tangling is higher. Therefore, ensuring that you do what’s necessary to prevent knots and tangling as often as possible is a goal you definitely want to achieve?


Tangling leads to knots, more tangles and breakage. Not an array of goals anyone wants to achieve.

Now, by this point in an article most will just stop there. How many times have you read articles that tell you what you need to either do or don’t do but don’t explain how?

I know. I can completely relate!

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Simplest Ways to Reduce Tangles

So what are some ways to reduce tangles in the summer? This isn’t an exhaustive list but these are very effective methods for reducing tangles:

  • Keep your hair stretched
    • You may not want to do an all out blow out or flat ironing because let’s face it. Your hair will revert faster than you can blink. However, you can stretch your hair nightly using the banding method or in braids. Certain protective styles work well at keeping your hair stretched too.
  • Keep your hair moisturized
    • Dry hair leads to tangles. In fact most tangling can be reduced by simply keeping your hair moisturized.
  • Lightly oil your strands
    • If your hair is fine, you don’t want to do this daily but oiling your strands a few times a week with a lightweight oil like Jojoba or Argan oil can greatly reduce your risk of tangling.
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Balance Out The Moisture with Protein

The next summer hair goal you want to focus on is ensuring you balance your hair out with an adequate amount of protein.

Moisture is something that tends to increase due to the humidity and dew points
(Interesting read: Dew Point versus Humidity). This increase in humidity can draw moisture into your hair, providing you with a nice boost of moisture.

That may sound like a wonderful thing right? It can be if you usually suffer with dry hair. But too much of anything can cause problems.

Enjoy the added moisture but make sure you balance it with strength.

The exception is if you live in a dry climate. In that case, you’ll want to make sure to keep your hair moisturized while still ensuring you don’t create protein overload.

How to Balance Moisture and Protein

Monthly protein treatments or henna gloss treatments should be included in your hair routine to provide your hair with strength.

Deep conditioning your hair on wash day (and after strength treatments) will provide your hair with moisture. This, in addition to moisturizing your hair throughout the week as needed.

Balancing moisture and protein can be a serious balancing act. This article on Naturally Curly explains it well: How to Balance Moisture and Protein to Avoid Hygral Fatigue.

Defy Frizz

Remember all that humidity that I mentioned earlier?

Well, it can also be the culprit of frizz.

Yes, frizz can be caused by a lack of moisture in the hair but lots of humidity can also cause your hair’s cuticles to lift, resulting in frizz.

So, the final summer hair goal you want to reach (and sustain) is defying frizz.

One of the best ways to keep frizzy hair from developing is with specific styling products. This, in addition to keeping it adequately moisturized.

Using gels that provide your hair with a gel cast for when doing a wash and go will help keep frizz at bay.

Lastly, products that contain silicones in them help fight frizz. Many naturals do not like to use silicones but they aren’t all that bad. You can easily remove them with either a clay wash or sulfate free shampoo.

Anti-Frizz Styling Products

There are many anti-frizz hair stylers on the market. The ones listed below come highly rated by the masses. Try one for the summer to help you reach the summer hair goals mentioned in this article.

There you have it. Three summer hair goals to reach for your best hair this season. Not too bad right? I don’t know about you but when I read articles about 32 things to do, it kind of paralyzes me a bit.

Here you have just 3 to work with. All sustainable. 🙂

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