Hair Regimen for MahoganyCurls Hair Growth Challenge

Last updated on January 7th, 2024 at 10:55 am

wash and go two month challenge check in

In my two month check in for MahoganyCurls Healthy Hair Growth Challenge, I shared my disappointment in the results I’ve achieved to date.

It’s early enough in the challenge that I realize that some of the recommendations for participating in the challenge weren’t necessarily great for my hair.

“Rules” (guidelines) for the challenge:

– Wash and deep condition weekly
– Only trim splits or tangles
– Moisturize ends daily
– Style of choice: Wash and go
Alternative styles: twists, twist outs and protective styles that require low manipulation
– Midweek hair rinse
– Scalp massage on wash day

These guidelines would work well for most as they are based in healthy hair practices. Yet, if your hair has special needs like mine, there are some parts of the routine that may need to be tweaked.

So, here are the revisions I am making to my hair regimen while on this healthy hair challenge:

Pre-poo before washing weekly – I had stopped doing this as it wasn’t part of the published challenge guidelines. I’m resuming it because I realize that this is a critical step in my regimen that serves toward protecting my fine strands.

Deep condition weekly on wash day – This recommendation is spot on and I’ll continue

Express protein treat with a light protein treatment after the midweek rinse – While not discouraged, protein treatments weren’t really discussed before the challenge began. Protein is a vital component for fine hair to remain strong. I’ve found that light treatments make are great  for strength maintenance

Moisturize ends daily – I wasn’t really doing this before the challenge but find it to be very helpful. I’m not using an average moisturizer though. My end moisturizer of choice is also a serum for protection against split ends.

Scalp massage three times weekly – It’s recommended that scalp massages be done just prior to washing on wash day. I’m adding to that by also scalp massaging once on dry hair throughout the week and then prior to doing my mid week rinse.

Trim single strand knots (SSKs) – Initially cutting of any kind was discouraged during the challenge but then Jess (aka MahoganyCurls) revised that to include trimming SSKs as needed.

Fine Hair Styling

When it comes to styling my fine hair, a bullet point won’t do! Further explanation is required.

The wash and go is a style that I love but in the winter, it doesn’t work as well for my hair type. Twist outs are better but in order to maintain the most length possible, I’ll be protective styling for the entire winter.

It’s not really necessary for me to wear my hair out. Even if I have a social event, I can dress up my protective styles with hair accessories.

accessorizing fine hair

The protective styles that I will be doing will be done on stretched hair. Yes, it will make wash day a little longer but stretching my hair will help me to retain more length because it will greatly help with preventing knots and tangles.

This video from Kimmaytube on Youtube helped solidify what I already knew. Afro textured hair (especially hair that tangles easily), is best styled in a stretched state.

YouTube video

How I Stretch My Hair

Stretching natural hair can be done in many ways but the methods I will be using are those that will put the least amount of stress on my strands:

– Curlformers on hair that’s damp but not wet. After stretching, a twisted updo with large twists are in order.

– Twisting in 10-12 twists that are rolled on large rollers and air dried or dried under a hooded drier. (I got this tip from Kimmaytube as well). If using a hooded dryer, I’ll dry on warm but with my new heat protection serum from the Mane Choice.

– SSK Plates (check this video out here for a visual)

stretching fine natural hair

For the staple hair products I’ll be using through the challenge < click here

A Prayer for Our Hair

Father, in the Name of Jesus thank you for giving strength in weakness. Strengthen our fine strands that they may thrive and defy breakage. Amen.


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  1. Awesome doing this regimen immediately

    1. Hey JuliAna. I think this regimen will truly work well for fine hair. I’m actually doing a few things a little differently though because I recently saw a professional hair stylist. I’ll be updating in a post tomorrow.

  2. Great revised regimen! Especially adding the light protein.

    1. thanks Joy! you’ll be amazed to see how I’m tweaking it again. Actually, not much but….you’ll see in my next post!

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