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One challenge us fine haired naturals face is finding hair styles that can make us look dramatically different without experiencing dramatic or drastic results. This hair paint wax review will hopefully encourage you to try something different.

hair paint wax review

I once got my hair colored at a salon by getting blonde streaks (over 14 years ago). It was beautiful and it was awful.

I thought I didn’t have a pic but I was able to dig one out of the crates…

photo of a phoo

The hair stylist that colored my hair cared less about what these chemicals would actually do to my hair and more about getting this high priced service completed. If she had any scruples, she would have dissuaded me from even attempting such a harsh chemical service on my then relaxed hair. Either that or she had no clue herself. I refuse to believe the latter.

I later learned that nobody with dark hair should get blonde coloring. Lifting your hair color more than two shades from its natural color causes damage – Irreversible damage.

The only way to recover from such damage is to either cut it or let it grow out damaged until you’re comfortable with…cutting it. See? Cutting is the only remedy for damaged hair.

That and a regular routine of good ole deep conditioning.

That is, if it doesn’t all break off.

Having relaxed fine hair, you can not permanently color your hair without significant changes to the structure of the hair. I discovered that the hard way.

What about a semi-permanent color?

Michelle with reddish hair

Semi-permanents were OK but they were much too close to being permanent. While semi-permanent hair colors don’t cause the damage that permanent bleaching does, you aren’t able to change the color right away. You have to just let it grow out.

Well, that’s boring.

How about a rinse?

Rinses are great. You obtain a subtle color change when putting a color rinse in your hair. The problem is it’s so subtle, it’s difficult to see it on really dark hair.

After the permanent hair color fiasco and the boredom of semi-perm/rinses, I decided to try something REALLY temporary but REALLY visible in my fine (now) natural hair.

blue curly hair

The blue hair thing was cute. At least, I thought it was. I achieved this look with a drug store brand blue gel. Contrary to what the box said, it dried my hair out so badly I had to deep condition for an extended period of time before my hair felt “normal” again.

One and done.

Hair Paint Wax Temporary Hair Color

I almost lost hope for being able to dramatically change my hair color without there being any damage (or boredom) involved.

That is until I discovered Hair Paint Wax. This has been around for about 2 years before I tried it. I just sat back and watched the ladies on Instagram test it out.

I had to be safe.

Well, finally I took a leap of faith and purchased two jars of hair paint wax. After one use, I discovered that it’s completely non-damaging, doesn’t dry the hair out and sit down for this…

It adds weight to fine hair, making it appear thicker! Score!
tested on an old twist out

I really love the versatility, quality and gentility of hair paint wax. It doesn’t rub off on your clothes once your hair is dry. Plus, check out the list of ingredients:

water, carnauba wax, beeswax, white cetearyl alcohol, licorice & glycyrrhiza uralensis extract, tea extract, stearic acid, PVP/VA propionate copolymer, Castor oil, ethoxylated, titanium oxide

Pretty decent and definitely not filled with harsh chemicals.

I purchased the Purple and Pink hair paint wax. Now, I can’t wait to try the gold and the blue. I think I even want to get black so that I can use it to cover my grays and make my overall head of hair appear even darker.

pink hair paint wax

GOLD NUGGET: Be mindful and respectful of what the good Lord gives you by protecting it. Hence, not abusing it. In this case, your hair!

After reading this Hair Paint Wax Review, if you’re interested in trying it on your own hair, visit

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