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The wash and go is a fantastic low manipulation hair style. You really can set it and forget it.

Well, not forget it completely but you really don’t have to pay much attention to your hair when it’s in a wash and go state. The only thing you need to do to keep that wash and go low manipulation and lasting is to leave your hair alone.






I hope that didn’t come across too harsh but I really want you to get the jest of leaving your hair alone once your wash and go is set.

When you set your wash and go with the right amount of hold using the best products for your hair, all you need to do is secure your hair with a satin scarf when you go to bed and shake it out when you get up to go to work (or wherever).

This is the scarf I use to tie down my wash and go at night when I go to sleep.

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There should be no need to refresh your curls, manipulating them putting in moisturizer or oil, followed by more scrunching and squeezing.

If on wash day you infuse your hair with moisture, seal it well and set your curls, you should be able to go at least 4 days without needing to mess with your hair. After 4 or even 5 days, you can wash your hair and start the process over for a fresh wash and go. This is my plan for the summer.

Perfect Low Manipulation Style for Summer

The wash and go is the ultimate style for the summer. Since natural hair will curl up due to the humidity anyway, why fight it?

Set your wash and go with a firm setting, alcohol-free gel for the hold you need. The humidity will help give us fine hair naturals a wash and go with some volume but the gel will help us to retain the definition and fight off frizz.

If you go swimming and allow your hair to get wet, you’ll have to be extra diligent with deep conditioning. Besides your regular deep conditioner, make sure you use a really good leave in conditioner under your stylers and gels as well.

Wash and Go’s Can Work for All

One last word on using the wash and go as a low manipulation hairstyle.

Don’t believe what you read or hear. No matter your hair type is, you can do a wash and go. You may need to use products that will enhance your curls and offer a bit more hold but, you can do it.

If after your wash and go has dried you feel there is too much shrinkage, you can try one of a few no heat stretching methods to gently stretch out your curls for a bit more elongation.

Keep these wash ‘n go tips in mind when doing the wash and go as a low manipulation hairstyle.

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