3 Ways to PrePoo Fine Hair That Defy Breakage

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 05:06 pm

pre-poo regimen for fine natural hair

The Pre-Poo is an essential step of the hair care regimen. When it comes to those of us with fine hair, the pre-poo is not just essential, it’s critical.

Some ladies skip it unaware that much like oil therapy, it is the pre-poo that actually helps to protect the hair from breakage while undergoing all of the manipulation necessary to return it to it’s full state of glory on wash day.

After under going days or weeks of exposure to dirt and styling products, you must wash, deep condition and treat your hair with protein if necessary. With the first being the wash, the pre-poo protects our hair from what’s called hygral fatigue. This is simply damage (normal wear and tear) that occurs when your hair shaft swells open (expands) when wet and closes (contracts) when dried.

Watch this Low manipulation Pre-Poo Video:

YouTube video

There’s a number of ways to pre-poo hair but for us ladies with fine hair, I’ve found three distinct ways to pre-poo that are the most gentle for our strands. Gentle is the key when it comes to manipulating fine hair because it greatly reduces the amount of breakage that incurs. If your hair has been particularly well cared for, you may not experience any breakage.

Pre-Pooing with Oil on Damp Hair

Coconut oil is the choice oil for pre-pooing your hair with an oil. No other oil can match it. That’s because coconut oil is able to penetrate the individual strands of your hair to protect it from the loss of protein and moisture.

When prepping with oil on fine hair, I recommend you slightly damp your hair by slightly misting it with water. Manipulating dry hair can cause breakage to finer strands. Dampening your hair will allow you to work the coconut oil through it without causing breakage.

Pre-Pooing with Conditioner on dry hair

When using conditioner to pre-poo, you want to use a rinsing conditioner which serves to also soften the hair. When applying the conditioner to your hair, smooth it on without manipulating your hair until it feels pliable.

A good conditioner will contain water as one of its top ingredients so there isn’t a need to mist your hair with water before applying it. Smoothing the conditioner onto your hair shaft will soften it and allow you to manipulate further with minimal to no breakage.

Pre-Pooing with Oil + Conditioner on dry hair

This method is the best off both worlds combining the use of conditioner and coconut oil, but it’s not always necessary. It’s great for when you want to give your hair the royal treatment, say after taking out a long term protective style.

I’ve experimented with working oil through my hair followed by conditioner, conditioner followed by oil and mixing the two together. It’s a matter of preference and I like to apply the oil first and then the conditioner. I’ve discovered that this method helps make finger detangling in the shower much more effective.

Watch my full day wash regimen, starting with the pre-poo here:

YouTube video

One thing to notice with each of these three methods of pre-pooing is the ease of which you should be able to manipulate your hair while completing the task.

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The method you choose to use to pre-poo your hair is your own. What I want you to take away from this is the necessity of this practice in your hair regimen and ways to do it so that you have the least amount of hair breakage possible.


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