3 Not So Common Natural Oils for Fine Haired Naturals

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Natural oils are especially known for being used by naturals to seal in moisture and stimulate hair growth with scalp massages. The problem with regularly using oils in your hair regimen is most oils are pretty thick and can weigh your hair down.

Fine haired naturals need to be especially careful not to use heavy oils. The key to effective oil therapy in fine natural hair is for the oil to quickly absorb into the hair shaft & scalp and do its job without causing build up. Coconut oil and Jojoba oil are quite popular amongst fine haired naturals because they accomplish both: Quick absorption and no build up

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Now, you know what “they” say. “If it aint broke don’t fix it.” I don’t disagree. I just think it’s nice to have options. Fine haired naturals don’t typically have as many product options as those with thicker strands. So, it’s great when you can find a few “hidden” gems from nature to help us with our hair care.

Maracuja Oil – commonly used in skin care products, this priceless natural fruit
oil can also Maracuja Oilbe used in the hair. It’s rich in vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus and can be used in your hair care regimen to help prevent sun damage. It’s lightweight and is known to encourage hair growth.



indian hair oilMahabhringraj Maka Oil (I purchase the all natural, no fragrance added Baidyanath brand from Butters ‘n Bars) – a blend of indian herbs infused in sesame oil, this oil appears to be thick but it is rapidly absorbed. It’s a very potent oil blend. The smell is not pleasant at all but it adds shine and strength to lifeless strands. I’ve been using this oil for a month or so (at the writing of this article) and my hair and scalp absorb it well. No build up although the smell does linger a little.

sunflower oil


Sunflower Oil – Extracted from sunflower seeds, this natural oil may not be as uncommon as the others but it’s not one that most naturals reach for as its more common for cooking. Sunflower oil is quickly absorbed and rich in fatty acids which stimulates natural hair growth. It also provides some natural protection from sun exposure.


Do you incorporate natural oils into your hair care regimen?

Please share in the comments section below. I’d love to discuss!

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