5 Things About Natural Hair That Make You Go Wow!

Last updated on March 31st, 2022 at 06:23 pm

I kept my hair relaxed for a log time. Having fine hair that is moderately curly naturally yielded bone straight results once relaxed. Yet, I realized that natural was best. So, in this article I plan to answer the question of “Why go natural?”

natural hair wow

While my hair did grow when it was relaxed, there was not much that was special about my tresses. They were just……straight.

What I’m about to share is not about knocking ladies who relax their hair. To each her own.

On the contrary, it’s to celebrate and pay homage to how absolutely fabulous natural hair can be. If what I share makes you want to go natural after reading it, forge on my sister!

If not, I’ll pray for you (kidding…kinda).

When you are fully natural, your hair will look like none other. No two natural heads are alike. Sure, we can do similar styles but I believe there’s 5 things that bring attention to natural hair. You know. The kind of attention that makes people go, “Wow.” Here they are:


You may need certain products to help you achieve a clumping affect to your hair. Or, it may just come naturally. Regardless to how your hair clumps, it does give it the wow factor. Hair that clumps to form it’s own work of art is awesome wow-some.

natural hair


shingling fine natural hair

If you have straight hair, you can’t achieve a wash and go. Well, you could always wash…and go but it would certainly be lacking in definition.

Rocking a bantu knot out, twist out or braid out gives natural hair the kind of definition that draws attention.

My bantu knot out won’t look like yours (God, I hope not!) and your twist out will look different from mine. Yet, these natural hairstyles are absolutely stunning on hair that is completely unprocessed.


healthy hair from a healthy scalp

Hair in HD. The bigger, the better.

Nothing grabs attention like a big ‘ole fro! Curls that are on swellage can really turn heads. I live in New York, home to many naturals and I’m always in awe of the big hair that graces our city.

For those with straight hair, volume is barely achievable without a good cut.


shiny hair

While shine may come a little easier for looser curls and darker hair, amazing shine can be achieved by ensuring your hair’s cuticles are smooth, conditioned and well moisturized.

Have you checked out the beautiful shine that radiates from a freshly henna’d head of natural hair?

Then, there’s the shine that’s created from natural hair being paired with natural oils like coconut oil or castor oil.

A Pop of Color

blue curly hair

Even a hint of color can make natural hair just beautiful, even more beautiful than it is naturally.

You may not want to go as bold as what you see photographed. Yet, you can achieve a nice hint of color with Henna.

Both shine and color can be achieved with henna. When the sun hits the hair in just the right way, it’s gorgeous.

There’s so much about natural hair that is beautiful. Hopefully, you’ve found what’s been mentioned above enough reasons to answer the question of “Why go natural?”

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  1. My fave of these would be definition. I love that I don’t have to use any gel or holding product on my hair. Just wet it and set it. My naps provide all the hold I need 😉

    1. And for me it’s clumping! I have to work at clumping some but I love how it looks when it clumps.
      I feel you on definition though. Wet it, set it and forget it!

  2. Let me first say I LOVE your hair in the top photo!

    You are so right about the big hair! I could never get that when my hair was relaxed no matter how hard I tried!

    1. Thanks girl! I had to do something different. It’s growing in already and I’m going to let it because it gets cold here in NY!

  3. Alison Hector says:

    I love where you said: “Hair in HD”! There’s a lady in my yoga class whose afro is rivaling the one Oprah is wearing on the cover of last month’s O Magazine. Talk about HD! LOL. I think it must be a nightmare to comb out, however.

    1. wow. i can’t get a big fro. Hair is too loose but I admire those who can

  4. JonesLincholn says:

    Hi, Michelle. It will be really a great that you are providing hair care and skin care tips to women.

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