Reasons Your Hairstyle Fails and 5 Ways to Save a Failed Hairstyle

There’s nothing like spending a couple of hours setting your hair for what you just know will be a bomb hairstyle only for it to come out looking crazy. Yet, all does not have to be lost. Below you’ll find five ways to save a failed hairstyle.

reasons your hairstyles fail

Reasons Your Hairstyle Fails

Before we get into the ways you can save a failed hair style, let’s examine some of the reasons your style didn’t come out as you intended:

Your Hair is Dirty

One of the main reasons your hairstyle doesn’t come out well is your hair is dirty. It may not be visible dirt but product build up will certainly interfere with the styling process. So, make sure you are working with a fresh canvas aka clean hair.

You used too much product

When setting your hairstyles (wash and go’s, twists etc), try not to be heavy handed with product. I know that’s easier said than done but if you use too much product, it will weigh your hair down. The result will be just like that of dirty hair.

You didn’t use enough product

While using too much of a styling product isn’t good, not using enough isn’t good either. If you are too skimpy on the product application, your hair won’t set properly. Follow the manufacturers instructions in most cases but feel free to add a little more product if you have more hair than the average head.

The Hairstyle Isn’t Ideal for Your Hair Type

Certain hairstyles come out best on specific hair types. Therefore, your results may be disappointing. In other words, the hairstyle comes out a fail. For example, if you have low density hair, certain hairstyles will never look great because those styles look best on a full head of hair. So, focus on styling your hair in a manner that’s most appealing for you. You’ll have more wins than fails for sure.

Your Hair Didn’t Dry

Wet or rather damp hair, is probably the most common reason for a hair style fail. Especially, if you wash your hair at night. If you are going for a twist out or braid out, your hair must be 100% dry. Otherwise, it’s bound to be a total failure. Frizz will likely take over. So, make sure your hair is completely dry before removing any twists, braids or even hair rollers.

Now that you know many of the reasons why your hairstyle could have failed, let’s look at ways to save a failed hairstyle.

Save a Failed Hairstyle With a Head scarf or Turban

saving a failed hair style

When your hair doesn’t come out as planned, pull out a cute scarf or a turban and wrap it up. Turbans are essentially a type of scarf and you can even get one that’s already tied. All you have to do is slide it on over that failed hair style. I typically use scarfs but will definitely try a turban in the future. They are especially helpful if you need to run out real quick.

Roll, Tuck and Pin to Save a Failed Hair Style

roll tuck and pin to save a failed hairstyle
this was my go-to method of saving a failed hairstyle back in the day!

Another way you can save a failed hairstyle is to do what’s commonly called the Roll, Tuck and Pin. You are essentially taking all of your hair and rolling it into a protective style. Then, you tuck and pin it in place. Alternatively, you can grab sections of hair and do the same. Roll the hair in a desired manner, tuck it in place and pin it down.

Twist and Pin Certain Sections

failed braid out style
This was a failed braid out

If you don’t fancy the roll, tuck and pin of all your hair at once, another way to save a failed style is to take specific sections. Then, twist and pin them in place. The style above was done ancients ago when I attempted a braid out and it failed.

Make it a Half Up Half Down Do

save a failed hairstyle

Sometimes you plan to wear half your hair up and half your hair down. Other times it’s a necessity. This usually happens when your hair didn’t come out quite right in the front. Then, you’ll just need to chalk that section up to a loss while leaving the back down. It really depends on how failed your style really is. This was a wash and go that was good for the most part but the front didn’t have as much definition as I would have liked.

Add a Few Braids or Twists to Save a Failed Hairstyle

one way to save a failed hairstyle

When all else fails, save a failed hairstyle with a few twists or braids. This is something you can do in the font or back of your hair. Anything goes really. You just want to use twists or braids in a strategic way. For example, to blend sections of your hair that don’t have enough definition. This style was a wash and go that didn’t fully dry. So, I pulled it back and added some twists. Voila. A saved hairstyle.

Try your best to avoid the mistakes that would interfere with your intended hairstyle but in the event all doesn’t go as planned, one of these five ways to save a failed hairstyle should help.

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