Taking Inventory of Your Hair Products: Why It’s Important

If you’re a product junky, you’ll want to take inventory of your hair products. If you’re just someone who likes to try new products from time to time, you’ll want to start taking inventory of your hair products.

taking inventory of hair products

There was a fire in my building a couple of months ago. While I sustained no damage to my apartment, I was in an influx for a few weeks where we were displaced from our home.

Many people in my building lost everything in the fire. That could easily have been me.

While I have renters insurance, I certainly couldn’t tell them exactly what it is that I owned if I lost it all in a fire. That got me to thinking about how I need to take inventory of everything I own from the biggest to the least which includes my hair products.

Why You Want to Inventory Your Hair Products

Now, a potential fire isn’t the only reason you would want to take inventory of your hair products. There are actually more feasible reasons:

– You’re spending too much money on specific types of hair products because you don’t realize you already have many of those same types of products

– Your run out of your favorite hair products because you don’t realize when it’s time to re-up your stash

– You buy a hair product when you don’t need it because you already have it

Lastly, think about how much money you spend on hair products. If you’re anything like me, you can drop an easy $15 on one product. Multiply that by 10 or 50 (if you’re the product junky I mentioned at the beginning) and it’s very costly. I certainly wouldn’t want to lose money on anything I invested in and that includes costly hair products. Taking inventory of them makes sure you count them among the “lost” in any potential scenario where you have to tap your renters or home insurance policy.

Every dime counts!

Benefits of Tracking All of Your Hair Products

With all those reasons for taking stock of all the hair products you own, there’s certainly benefits tied to addressing them all:

– Helps sooth your type A personality
– Saves you money
– Helps you to be uber-organized
– Makes sure you’re prepared in the event of emergencies (example: the fire)

How to Inventory Your Hair Products

Taking an inventory of your hair products may be a little time consuming but it’s well worth the exercise and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Below are two ways to get it done. You’ll write out every single product you own by category by either:

– Creating an Excel or other spreadsheet to capture it all
– Use a pre-printed hair products inventory sheet (like this one):

hair product inventory

I decided to create that spreadsheet because it helps to get the inventory process done quicker. Having the tracker already done, you can focus on the process of getting everything organized.

If printing the sheet, after filling out just keep it in your fireproof safe with the rest of your important documents.

Alternatively, fill out the pre-made sheet on your iPad or tablet using an app like Good Notes. You can type directly on the sheets. Then, save it in multiple places like:

– Google Drive
– Drop Box
– iCloud

You’ll find this worksheet here: Hair Products Inventory Tracker

Don’t let something like a fire catch you off guard. Don’t live life not knowing everything single thing you own. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste any of it. Track your hair products along with every other valuable you own.

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